[What's New] Joining Addy Lee Around China For The Filming Of "Addy 重新出髮"

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Hi Huneybees,

Internet connection in Cambodia wasn't that good and I couldn't update more on Addy Lee's journey in China. So here's more about his journey in China <Addy 重新出髮> and if you missed out what happened in Shanghai, here you go --- http://huneyzworld.blogspot.sg/2014/07/follow-addy-lee-as-he-goes-on-hair-ific.html.

Straight after Shanghai, Addy travelled to Ningbo where he had a charity event of volunteer hairstylists cutting hair for the elderly in the park. Not only did he go round teaching them and imparting his skills, he also gave a special grandma a more sassy haircut. Who says old = no style?!

He then headed to Hangzhou to pick up some hair washing techniques. It's been 20 years since he last washed someone's hair and it was not just plain shampoo and water. He had to learn how to make the customer feel relaxed with head massages and looking at that model's face, I bet I will be dozing off within minutes! :)

He also did not forget about meeting up with "friends" and getting them to do his signature "scissors hand" gestures, before he proceeded to another makeover for a lady by the lake 西湖. Isn't it amazing? If only I could be travelling around like him and get my hair pampered. Diva treatment right? LOL!


His next stop was to Jiaxing where he went to the Xitang Ancient Water Town. It is famous for its cobbled streets, old buildings, bridges arching over canals and row boats. It is like the Asian Venice and that's definitely my next travelling destination!

There, Addy visited a simple and basic hair salon where customers were overflowing. It was a old vs new time when a red octopus looking equipment that's so ancient, meets Babyliss hair equipment. The old equipment is so old that even Addy have not seen before!

Addy showing off what the Babyliss hair equipment can do...
Of course, there comes another makeover and this time, it was for a guy. See how Addy transform this dorky guy into a street punk full of zest and zeal. Don't he just look so much more fresh?

His last stop in China was to make a trip back to Shanghai where he did a final makeover for a lady against the beautiful skyline of the city. This was more of an elegant look, for heading out in the evening for parties and this time, with a makeup expert to pull the whole look together.

Though the China trip has already ended, Addy will still be travelling to more countries like Myanmar, East Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Paris, England, Italy and not forgetting Singapore! Do stay tuned as there will be more updates!

Photo/video credits: Addy_Lee工作室


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