Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack

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Beauty sleep is what everyone talks about. Hoping to look beautiful after a one night's sleep, especially for me, I want to look refreshed and glowy.

Introducing Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack. 

As your skin cells renew at night, the Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack (formulated with "Progressive Release System" with ingredients of high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Extract and Ionic Mineral Complex) continously release intensive moisture throughout the night. Leaving the skin firm, and waking up to amazingly hydrated. soft and supple skin the next morning.

The cream is very light, smells a little like baby lotion and has tiny little blue beads in it. They are not rough like the scrubbing beads and I believe they are part of the “Progressive Release System”. After massaging the cream into skin, the blue beads begin to dissolve. It's so easy to spread it on my skin and there's no sticky feeling to it.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack is applied only in the night over the face and night, rinsing it only the next morning.  It acts a like a moisturizing mask on my skin when I sleep, letting it do its magic work on my skin...

This is me the next morning. Fresh and my skin is super hydrated as though soaked in water all night...
Note: A night moisturizer is still recommended to be used before applying Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack. It works like a sealing layer to lock down all those moisture while you sleep.

Better skin condition makes me a happy girl. It's so much easier to apply makeup, looking so flawlessly pretty! Thank you Neutrogena!

Christina aka Huney

Latest addition to PAPERSELF

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Sephora lovers would have seen the PAPERSELF Eyelashes that are to die for. Featured during the Hunger Games movie, it has stirred up quite a big fashion must-have. Inspired by the art of Chinese papercutting, the PAPERSELF team have challenged the way paper is used by blending traditional culture with contemporary design, creating a brand new concept thats set to change the way we view lashes!
PAPERSELF for Hunger Games
Seen on Rihanna for her MV of Princess of China.
Range of PAPERSELF Lashes.

PAPERSELF have been producing and extensive line of pretty paper lashes and recently, they have just launched their latest collection and they are:
  • The British Collection - Rose and London skyline a tribute to Britain’s craftsmanship, inventiveness and sprit. The essence has been conveyed using the iconic imagery with subtle cultural influences. This collection celebrates Queens Diamond Jubilee in U.K. and London taking the central stage for Olympic and Paralympic games.
  • The V&A Collection - Lace Garden is the special collection with Victoria & Albert Museum. Given the brief of LACE by the V&A, our team was inspired by French silk bobbin lace from the nineteenth century.

The ‘London’ lashes represent the city skyline with iconic buildings like Tower Bridge, London Eye
and Big Ben and ‘Rose’ the national flower of England is elegance in true fashion.
Rose: Rose needs no words
London Skyline: So London

The Lace Collection: Lace Garden: Glamorous Elegance
‘The Lace Garden’ is the theme of the very first exclusive collaboration between PAPERSELF and
the Victoria & Albert Museum. The Lace Collection launched in early September in the store and
online. Given the brief of LACE by the V&A, the PAPERSELF team was inspired by French silk bobbin lace from the nineteenth century. The diverse and delicate floral patterns brought the theme of
floral gardens to the PAPERSELF team’s imagination. With the refined lace patterns, exquisitely cut
details and tactile structure, Lace Garden is a wonderful combination of vintage and
contemporary design.

It is now available in the main gallery store and online website in the V&A. or go to for more information.

I can't wait to get my hands on the lashes. So many ways to wear them, so many different looks. What about you? Like the lashes? Will you be getting them too?

Images credit of PAPERSELF.

Christina aka Huney