Welcome to Colour Huney

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Name: Christina Chung
Age: 27
Occupation: Creative Director of NODS (Night Owl Design Studio) LLP


Christina here.
Welcome to "Colour Huney"! 'Huney' is my alias and as alot of people know, my life is filled with colour, I use them for makeup, for nail art and on my clothings.

So, this is a blog all about my makeup looks, my nail art, my findings on what's latest in the fashion world and share it with everyone. Do have a look around and if you know of any new products and would like a review, feel free to let me know.

Have a colourful life!

Christina aka Huney

[What's New] M.A.C’s Viva Glam Gaga

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Hi Huneybees!

I'm back from honeymoon and I wana show ya guys my latest M.A.C. favourite.

The campaign, which features an ethereal-looking Lady Gaga holding on to sparkling jewels, was shot by British fashion photographer Nick Knight (he shot for big names like Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent) and was styled by her very own stylist, Nicola Formichetti.

The lipstick and lipgloss have been inspired by Lady Gaga herself and considering her penchant for appearing dramatically over the top outfits, a nude lipstick is definitely something to go with for her makeup eh?

Here's how the colour looks on me. They are my favourite lipstick and lipgloss for now as the nude colours compliment my coloured eyes very well.

So, what is Viva Glam all about? 100 per cent of the proceeds from sales of the Viva Glam line will go towards the M.A.C AIDS Fund. This fund focuses on supporting charitable initiatives around the world that are aimed that curbing the causes of HIV infection, for example, violence, discrimination and unequal access to financial and social resources.

The new Viva Glam line was launched in the United States on February 17 where Lady Gaga appeared on Good Morning America to promote the line in a nude latex-condom inspired suit complete with a huge hat and implanted facial horns.

Lady Gaga promoting Viva Glam on Good Morning America (Picture from herworld.com)

And specially to give back to fans, M.A.C has launched the Viva Glam site at www.vivaglam.com that includes a very special message from Lady Gaga herself. On March 17, the website will transform into a social network website, where fans can upload photographs of their glammed-up lips and share HIV/AIDS information with all their friends via Facebook and Twitter.

There's also a masterpiece in the making by Lady Gaga herself and her best friend, Nicola. Hurry click on to Viva Glam's website to check out what it is, and get your very own Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick and Lipgloss at all M.A.C. counters today!


[What's New] WONDER WOMAN is here!!!

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Hi Huneybbes,

 POW! KABOOM! M.A.C.'s Wonder Woman collection has flown in to save us from the Evil Medusa!
Packed with vibrant and fun colors, this collection is most definitely not for anyone looking for subtlety. Especially with their packaging~

I'm a sucker for this type of loud in-your-face packaging, but then again if it was anything different it wouldn’t be Wonder Woman. You can’t really be true to the character and D.C. Comics if you just slapped a sticker on it and called it a day right?

Here's the inviting sight the moment I stepped into M.A.C. @ CK Tangs Vivocity.

And these were taken from M.A.C. @ CK Tangs Orchard one week later.

 I took a pic with my fav makeup artist, Sara. Hvn't seen her in awhile, was great to pop by.

Which I managed to get my own cover.

Then, it's finally time to reveal my loot.

 Penultimate Eye Liner  
Rapidblack – True black

Everything about this collection is LARGE!

This eyeliner is like a huge Sharpie, which you can drag across the eye and get a perfect "thin to thick" eyeline.
 It's even good for drawing cat eyes.

 Eye Quad 
  •  Valiant – Light lime with yellow pearl (Frost)
  • Spinning Transformation – Deep olive bronze with yellow pearl (Frost)
  • Diana Undercover - Dark forest green (Satin)
  • Manila Paper – Pale frost white gold (Veluxe Pearl)
 These eyeshadows pop on easily especially with a base, they show even better!

 Opulash in Army of Amazons
Army of Amazons is my first green mascara, its the most obvious one of all the 4 colours. 
I wore it over using my eyeshadow palette.

 Pigments and Reflects Glitter 
Bright Fuchsia Pigment – Bright magenta
Marine Ultra Pigment - Vivid marine blue
Reflects Bronze Reflects Glitter – Sparkling rich gold

I am a big fan of MAC pigments and these pigments/glitter worked wonders for me.
Colours are pretty and I love Bright Fuchsia most! Pigments and glitter works best when you have an eyebase or creamy eyeshadow for the colours to "stick" on.

 Nail Lacquer
Spirit of Truth – Navy blue
Obey Me – True red

What would this collection be without these perfect blue & red nail lacquers? Even though the colors might not be ground-breaking, they fit in so well with the rest of the collection!

The nail colours are extremely opaque, & you could easily do with one coat but I did two. Love that the logo is on the bottle and the caps are red, which makes them “special” in my collection.

Marquise d’ – Sandy cream peach (Lustre)

 Marquise d’ is a pretty, yet rather subtle pale pinky peach color. 
I like it a lot and it would be great as a “grab-n-go” type of lipstick where you don’t even need a lipliner and goes with smokey/dramatic eyes best.

 Mineralize Skinfinish
Pink Power – Peachy rose with pink shimmer/Soft rosy bronze/Soft shell pink with fine shimmer.

 These are LARGE compacts, that’s a bad thing necessarily, just something to be aware of.

 I simply love the trio as it makes my skin glow. Top for highlight, middle for sculpting & bottom for cheeks.  

 Powder Blush 
Mighty Aphrodite – Warm peach coral with gold pearl/Bright coral pink with gold pearl.

 I like the fact that they have a mirror on the inside of them and I think the gold around the edge is a nice touch. The light pink is to be applied on apple of cheeks and dark pink to sculpt.

 Here's some of the looks that I spot using the collection.

Going all greeny.

Wonder Woman blue.

And not forgetting my Fuchsia colour.

Wonder Woman inspired nail art that I did.

Hurry down to the stores to get you Wonder Woman today!!


[What's New] Watsons' 23rd Anniversary

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Hi Huneybees,

Watsons is celebrating their 23rd Anniversary and on 3rd March (Yes, very late update), I was one of the privileged ones to grab some cheap deals.

It was a little 'aunty' of me to be queuing up for cheap deals, but hey! As a member, I got to enjoy more than 20% discount on some of the products! Ok, that sounds super 'aunty' of me, but what to do, now married, must save up a little more... :p

 See the queue even at 9.30pm?!

Ladies attacking the makeup racks. It was almost empty when it was my turn.

My loot for the night. Hahahaha! Yes, Aunty must get cheap pads! :p

Hurry down now to Watsons as they still have their cheap deals on racks. Happy shopping!