[Updated] Philosophy’s 1st concept Store @ Tangs Orchard

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*My apologies. Some of my blog posts were lost in translation and here I am reposting them...*

Philosophy first launched in Singapore few months back at Sephora and now Philosophy has its own concept store in TANGS Orchard's new Beauty Playground!

Being Asia’s FIRST Philosophy concept store, not only can you see the full range of the products that they carry, you can also catch up on the latest innovative content through the interactive 'magic book'. It's powered by sensors and you can read up more on Philosophy just by a flip of your hand.

Inspired by the brand's values of mixing a scientific approach to skincare with inspirational messages, philosophy has garnered a stream of devotees around the world.

Based on a library theme, the new 'shop in shop' will entice you to enter the wonderful world of philosophy and experience the products at their own pace. By blending new technology, digital elements and the traditional library spirit, philosophy creates a delightful interactive environment that is truly unique.

Every top favourite is "noted" in a book.

The store also offers an exclusive service area where you can try the different products at the peel bar and with your back facing the crowd, you don't even have to feel awkward about other shoppers staring at you...

Through this unique environment, philosophy is wishing to tell a new story in Asia by offering its customers innovative services for a truly engaging experience.

More details can be found on Philosophy's Facebook Page.

Christina aka Huney

Get Slim with ReFa CARAT

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I have long heard about the ReFa face roller range. If you are a huge fan of Taiwan Beauty TV Program - 女人我最大, you will know that the face rollers are a huge hit in Japan and all over the world.

Over 1 million units sold in Japan over 1 year
No 1 Sales in professional market, online beauty websites i.e. @Cosme, beauty exhibitions, Mail order catalogues, largest beauty exhibition in Japan and No. 1 Christmas gift for the past 2 years 

So imagine my excitement when I was one of the few bloggers who got to experience the ReFa CARAT (a new addition to the ReFa family) @ Ikeda Spa. Not only were we introduced to ReFa CARAT, we even got to try it on the spot and learn how to fully make use of it to create a V-Shaped face and contour parts of our body.

Features of the ReFa CARAT.
This photo was taken 5 minutes after using the ReFa CARAT. See the instant uplift?
My double chin is less visible, less chubby and even my eyes look more lifted!
Unlike it's previous predecessor - ReFa Pro, the ReFa CARAT has 2 round ball bearings made of platinum for easy rolling and of course serving a different purpose as the ReFa Pro.

The ReFa Pro
Here's the differences...
The ReFa CARAT is suitable for all skin types (except acne prone skin) and what it does is to Slim Face Line, Define Cheekbone, Create Beautiful Neckline, Firm Arms, Release Tension on Lower Legs, Firm the Thigh Area and it is told by many Japanese ladies, Firm and Uplift the Boobs too!

You must be asking how does it work? By sending Micro-Current into your skin to stimulate the muscles back to its original state.

Beauty Benefits of Micro-Current:
Defines facial/ body contour
Increases lymphatic drainage
Improves blood circulation
Refines appearance of enlarged pores
Reduction in the appearance of  lines/wrinkles
Improves skin texture
Healthy glowing skin
Better absorption of skincare products

So, I was on a 2-weeks challenge to give the ReFa CARAT a try. I was given one home and I religiously used it everyday, everywhere. I think you guys might have seen me posting the pictures on my Instagram. 

I can loudly say I'm in love again! This handy beauty gadget gave me instant youthfulness and firmness in my skin. I am very concerned about my double chin and fine lines under my eyes and after the 2-weeks trial, I can see improvements in my skin condition, my skin is much tightened and my eyes don't look so tired anymore!

The Up Serum.
Together with the Up Serum that was given to me as well, the results are much more effective as it will increase micro current conductivity by 4.5 times. I also used the ReFa CARAT with my night cream and eye cream and the effects are more drastic than just solely applying on the face. The cream is better absorbed and my face is better moisturised.

See the difference after 2 weeks? I feel like a load off my face!

The ReFa CARAT is retailing at SGD$540. I find it a little steep but then thinking of the advantages, this is an investment I wouldn't want to miss. I bet the rest of the blogger who got to try it would agree with me too ~

Do like ReFa FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ReFaSingapore for more Products Updates and Promotions.

Christina aka Huney

Prepping for Valentines' Day

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Valentines' Day is approaching and I believe there are alot of makeup tutorials out there. But behind it all, you need the perfect canvas for the makeup to sit on and last the night. Here's my skincare routine on what I do the night before I have something big and I know I need to be pretty...

1. Cleanse with Covermark Mineral Wash to remove skin impurities.

2. Exfoliate with Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Skin Brightening Exfoliator to improve skin’s surface texture and reduce skin dullness.

3. I would slip in a mask here for more intensive hydration for the bright, clear face for the next day. Recommended: Covermark Cell Advanced Mask

4. Tone with  Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Clarity-Activating Toner to retexturise and infuse skin with hydrating actives.

5. Apply the Covermark Cell Advanced Serum to strengthen and repair the skin's 'mother cells' to recreate firm, bright skin.

6. Apply Covermark Cell Advanced Lotion for the revolutionary ‘nano-emulsified technology’ to penetrate treatment ingredients into the skin, increasing blood flow to nurture the skin's 'mother cells', refining skin texture and improving the skin's firmness.

7. My favourite is this Covermark Cell Advanced Cream W that you apply at night. Upon application, treatment ingredients are instantly absorbed into the skin to enhance brightness and elasticity.

8. My little eye miracle would have to be Benefit's "it's potent! Eye Cream". Just little dabs below the eyes and my eyes are looking full of life.

9. And lastly for the care while you are sleeping, I would have 4 drops of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and you will wake up with glowing skin!

Now you are all ready for your perfect makeup for Valentines' Day.
Have fun with your loved ones~

Christina aka Huney

[The Body Shop] Say I Love You With Strawberries and Chocolates

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Valentines' Day is just a 2 days away ~

Have you got your presents? The Body Shop brought back their Chocomania bath and body range and seriously they feel so edible... Why give chocolates that make you fat? Use it on yourselves for the extra sensory OOMPH!

Chocomania range, like it's name suggests is full of chocolatey fun! It's the supreme pampering for your skin, leaving you smelling heavenly and tasty like chocolate (Be Warned! I really meant tasty like you wana feed!), no one can resist.

There's also the range of the sweet and fruity Strawberry that is totally irresistible and I might say less 'sinful'. Smelling juicy and yummy for this Valentines' Day is the way to go too~

And if you are not that good with wrapping or just want to get them all, the lovely people of The Body Shop also have the specially packed gift sets for you lovers out there...

I know I'm enjoying being 'chocolatey'. Go get your today...

Christina aka Huney