Celebrity Secret - Gamila Secret

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Raised by nature gathered by Gamila to nourish healthy skin
Revealing Gamila Secret - A brand of skin care from the village if Pegi'in, Galilee, Northern Isreal. Galilee is a place where time seems to have stopped for 200 years. The fertile soil feeds magnificient olive groves, orchards and fields full of herbs.

 “I have committed my life to blending the healing powers of herbs to create the purest possible skin care products”.
Gamila was born and raised in the village and when her father was very young, his grandmother taught him the importance of nature in their lives. He passed this knowledge onto Gamila. Based on that knowledge, Gamila started searching for the ideal combination of wild herbs, vegetable oils and olive oil from the trees growing in the hills around her village.

This mixture, the ‘secret’ part of Gamila Secret, not only cleansed skin but also softened and healed it. She created the perfect combination for skin care because she has one very clear mission in life: to give everyone the opportunity to have healthy, beautiful skin for as long as they live.

Let me introduce their Cleansing Bar. Made from 100% natural ingredients and 15 herbs with more than 80% pure virgin olive oil that can be used as a daily cleansing bar for the face & body. They offer more than 10 scent and the one that I'm reviewing is Original.  

Upon opening the box, my whole bedroom was filled with the fragrance of olive and essence oil. Just by smelling it, I felt so relaxed and was super eager to start using the cleansing bar. Something interesting about Gamila Secret is that the bars may be of the same fragrance, but they may have a different colour as certain herbs have a different colour each season...

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bars are available in ten varieties, nine of which have essential oils for added fragrance and properties that simulate the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones like me Gamila Secret not only cleanses and revitalizes the skin; it also has healing qualities for people whose skin has lost its natural balance. 

Olive Oil stimulates the self-protective function and through that the breathing, of the skin. The skins own moisture stays intact through the generation of natural skin oils and the restoration of the natural skin barrier. The skin can then breathe and transpire without loss of moisture. It doesn't leave the skin feeling dry and tight.

How to use the Cleansing Bar
  1. Moisten with warm water to activate the ingredients
  2. Apply the bar directly on face & body
  3. Massage the creamy texture into your skin
  4. Allow the emulsion time to permeate deeply into the skin
  5. Rinse off

My Review

Cleansing power : 4 /5
I like that the cleansing bar is not too foamy and after cleansing, my skin feels refreshed. It is very gentle and my skin feels smoother after using. I love it! It is said to heal the skin, I'm looking forward to see its magic, since I've only used it for a week...

Scent : 4/5
The Original version smells like olive and essential oil, very refreshing and relaxing...

Price : 3/5
($46 - $63) per soap. The price is pretty steep. But the fact that it is carefully made and the process of controlled cooking, with ingredients being added at different moments to accomplish the best result, makes it a little more precious...

Overall : 3.5 /5
I like it, leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth, however, the pricing will make me think twice before getting it.

Gamila Secret not only offers cleansing bar. They also offers alot more product like - Face Oil, Hand Cream, Foot Balm and many more. It's been a celebrity secret!

For more information, you can go to their website - http://gamilasecret.sg and 'LIKE' them on Facebook.
Gamila Secret is available at Metro Paragon, Robinsons Marina Bay Sands, Robinsons Raffles City & Robinsons Centrepoint.

Christina aka Huney

The Body Shop - Be A Natural Born Rebel

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 Rediscover The Body Shop's iconic fragrance and join them in proudly shouting about its cruelty-free pioneering stance!  
The Body Shop recently repackaged their White Musk® collection. It is looking better than ever as they've given their best-selling fragrance a sensational, uber-stylish makeover! Maintaining the delicate Amethyst coloured bottle, The Body Shop gave it a new chic designer looking cap and if you look closely, the whole bottle sparkles with glitter!

Launched in 1981, White Musk® is the first cruelty-free musk fragrance to arrive on the market, pioneering the use of synthetic musk in replacement to real musk, which is extracted from the civet deer using cruel and painful methods.

The White Musk® fragrance has also been my favourite and must-get from The Body Shop. Its soft musk of lily, iris, rose and vanilla notes lingers for hours and it makes me feel so flowery all day. A little sniff of the fragrance relaxes me and makes me forget all the stress of the day.... No wonder it's a classic, and one of our top 10 best-sellers! 

White Musk® Eau De Toilette
A soft and velvety signature scent for every woman, for every moment. Forever sensual. Eau de toilettes are the most popular form of fragrance, and are lighter than eau de parfums.

Available in stores from 15 October 2012.

Christina aka Huney

Huney will be sharing her experience with TK Trichokare tomorrow!

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Tomorrow, 20th October, I will be sharing my experience at TK Trichokare alongside blogger Gelainza Kong. I will also be sharing some hair styling techniques, so if you havn't registered, come early at the venue to do so!

There's lucky draw and goodie bags for you! So bring your friends along and come early!

Christina aka Huney

M.A.C X Carine Roitfeld Collection

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Carine Roitfeld (Edgy and provocative, image-maker, editor and stylist) channels her signature smokey eye look for her debut M.A.C Cosmetics collection, featuring full face kits with eyeshadows and cremeblend brush for creating a chic backdrop for dramatic eyes.

Now, creating smokey and that lazy sexiness is super easy with the collection. Deep set, dark eyes with contoured jawlines and a nude lip is what you need to channel that inner Carine Roitfeld in you.

My purchases...

I got the Desert Camouflage Face Kit, which is the lighter tone one and I guess it suits most Asian skin colour. I also got the Carine Roitfeld lipstick (Tropical Mist). It's the perfect NUDE, just the right amount of color, to tell you have something on, but subtle enough to still be natural. I love my lips nude and it's even great when you have no or light makeup on!

The colours are so easy to use and so natural for build up from day to night makeup. Just get the face kit for me and I bet you will have lots of fun with it!

Let me stress again. I LOVE the colours! It's so easy to achieve the sultry smokey look!!! :)

Christina aka Huney

Benefit Hello Flawless, The POREfessional and Ultra Plush Gloss

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Say Hello to Flawless! Goodbye to imperfect complexion all thanks to Benefit's HELLO FLAWLESS. It's already been in Benefit counters and it is the one revolutionary foundation that will give you that flawless looking skin!

HELLO FLAWLESS is oil-free with SPF 25 PA+++ with Vitamins C and E derivatives to prevent signs of aging.
With the exclusive Oxygen Wow Complex, the liquid foundation delivers instant results. Comes in 8 out-of-this-world shades to match your skin's colour, this foundation, not only brightens your skin and makeup, it also helps to boost cellular respiration for the "plumping up" effect. 

The shade that I have is "Believe in Me" IVORY. Hello Flawless suited my sensitive skin and I love how you can build it up for the amount of coverage you need. For my case, I applied more to my dark eye circles and the rest of it, I just blend it out with a brush. 

I didn't even need concealer after that. The foundation is like a soft stocking for your face and when I applied my makeup, not only did it stay longer than usual, the colours were also more obvious than usual. 

This is my must-get product for a great makeup routine. Hello Flawless is also good for those who loves nude-natural makeup. It's so light, you don't even feel that it's there!

When you get a bottle of HELLO FLAWLESS, inside is a sample pack of The POREfessional. 

The POREfessional quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! You could apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup and you skin will look smooth like a baby's butt!

It's translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put with vitamin E derivative to protect skin from free radicals.

Above is a better depiction of how The POREfessional works. I don't have big pores to start with but when I apply the product under HELLO FLAWLESS, my skin totally looks like it had been photoshop-ed before! It's so smooth and my makeup stays on longer, these 2 products are not to be missed!

Here's a little tip:

Apply a thin layer of this PRO balm to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Pat lightly from the center of the face outward with fingertips. Wait seconds, then apply makeup as usual. Skin appears smooth & even…isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

If pores reappear, pat delicately on T-zone over makeup & blend. The lightweight, oil-free formula means a beautifully refined complexion. Remember, just a dab’ll do ya?

And to compliment the flawless looking skin would be luscious looking lips. The Ultra Plush Glosses not only matches their best selling blushers, they also make your lips more perky and ready for kisses.

Coming in 6 shades (3 sheer and 3 shimmery) from sultry nudes to punchy pinks, they come in soft-squeeze tubes with the custom tip designed perfectly for the even application.

Mine was the Coralista and Sugarbomb shade. Each had an amazing shine to them and they all had a very berry smell the moment I opened the cap. The tilted application from the tube, makes it super easy to glide the lip gloss and a small drop is enough for my lips to "shine"!

Take your pick of the candylicious glosses...

There's a whole range of Benefit products to try out and you can 'LIKE' their Facebook page for more updates too!

Christina aka Huney

[Makeup Tutorial] Looking like Marilyn Monroe with M.A.C.

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As you guys know, I have recently acquired the M.A.C. Marilyn Monroe collection. Wana look like Marilyn Monroe? Here's my step by step on how to achieve the look. (Psst, this look was done on my way to out to town in the car. Simple as ABC!)

Step 1. After foundation and powder, draw you brows as usual and apply a light beige eyeshadow (that's close to your skin colour) all over the lid.

Step 2. On the out corner of the lid, draw a V inwards and up, along your eyeball, stopping mid lid. To create a deeper set of eyes.

Step 3: Using a beige eyeliner, draw a line on your lower waterline.

Step 4: Draw a wing tipped eyeline. Try to stick as close to the lashes as possible.

Just a thin line will do.

Step 5: Apply mascara of false lashes and (here comes the difficult part when the car is on the move) using a red lip pencil, shape your lips and fill it in.

Step 6: Apply your red lipstick and dab a little gloss in the middle of lips for the extra pout.

Step 7: Finish off with a light dab of blusher and a little contouring if you like.

Get a blonde wig and dip a little sexy mole on your cheek for your Marilyn Monroe impersonation... :X

Christina aka Huney

COVERMARK - The Perfect Foundation

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Introducing COVERMARK - a brand thats related to foundation and I had to try it out at their workshop at Mandarin Gallery.

Long had the skin problems disappear like magic.
It blends seamlessly into your skin tone, the happy feeling of beauty deepens.
Foundation... It is the virtuosity of skin colour that brings life to a beautiful skin.

Before I begin introducing the foundation, of course good cleansed skin is needed. Dirty skin does not allow makeup to stay. Here are the steps as well as the products and how to use them to prep your skin for the wonderful foundation.

There are 2 types of cleansing products in COVERMARK's range - Treatment Cleansing Milk (For Moisture Cleaning with Clean Feeling) and Deep Cleansing Oil N (For Quick and Smooth Cleansing).

Following the steps above to remove your makeup will not create additional lines and gently rubbing the Cleansing Oil according to the diagram above, easily removed my makeup! 

While rubbing in, the oil blends into the makeup, removing as you move in circular motions and easily wash off with lukewarm water, left my skin feeling refreshed and instantly moisturised!

After which, is to use the COVERMARK Mineral Wash. With this luxurious foam effect, you can achieve beautiful skin for amazing makeup application.

Charcoal is commonly used in cleansing foams to remove dirt but for COVERMARK, they have used clay, which not only removes dirt, but also sebum! And also with the amazing Japanese technology, with clay in the product, they can actually make into foam, which normally is unable to.

Squeezing a drop of the foam mixed with water, will create a thick foam that does not fall even when "hanging downwards". Rubbing is not needed, all you need to do is apply the foam and lightly glide your hands over your face. The dirt would be magnetized with the foam and come off when you wash off.

The next step is the COVERMARK Cell Adavanced Lotion/Serum.

With the "Mother Cells" as the source of beautiful skin, we must have the Cell Advanced approach to foster the beauty from within the skin, enhancing the skin's firmness from within.

Simply follow the steps and you can get you Mother Cells working... :)

The next step to apply the Cell Advanced Mask once a week to further enhance your beauty. We tried the smaller version on our hand due to time constrain. But I can tell you that patch on my hand was instantly smoother and softer after the application!

Now onto the Makeup Base. COVERMARK have several types, so do head over to their counters to try them out. 

The makeup base holds to your skin so well, that even water will slide off your skin!
See! The makeup base doesn't even come off with the water!

Yipee! Onto the Foundation - Moisture Veil Lx. The colours are very suitable for the Asian skin and with just a few swap, I have the sufficient coverage to cover up a little spots here and there.

Pores grow downwards, so to cover up your pores, apply the foundation upwards.
Yippee! Then it's time to play with colours and apply makeup!!!

Their colour range is very sweet and natural. Suitable for ladies all age.

That's me after the COVERMARK Workshop, the eyeshadow is from their eyeshadow palette that you've seen above.

COVERMARK is available at:
391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873
COVERMARK Counter @ Takashimaya Department Store Singapore, Level 3
※Next to Fragrance counters in Men's wear department.

Add them on Facebook for more updates too!

Christina aka Huney