Anna Sui Secret Wish (Fairy Dance)

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Starring model Frida Gustavsson as a whimsical fairy bursting with pink and peach crochet, sparkles and flowers for the face of Anna Sui Fairy Dance perfume launch.
Escaping into a fantasy garden where Fairies flit and dance, I imagine a happy place, shimmering with sunlight and fun. Pink roses bloom all around, magical butterflies dart in and out of rainbows, music is in the air.

My girlfriends and I join the fairies in the dance. It is like dreaming with your whole body and then magic happens! The child in us has blossomed again! We recapture memories that will never be forgotten. Special moments of shared secrets and laughter.

Silly moments of endless fun. Happy moments, lighthearted and carefree. We feel girly and giggly, playful and fearless. We dance and celebrate our beautiful friendship! If we ever leave this enchanted place, we will keep the joy and happiness with us. . . until we return! 

Dance to the rhythm of your heart. 

Do a little fairy dance too!
Anna Sui has launched a new fragrance and adding to the Secret Wish range is Fairy Dance. Not only will you own your own little fairy, she can also grant you a wish! Simply rub the corner embossed pattern 3 times and hold the bottle to you heart and make a wish!

Introducing Anna Sui Fairy Dance!

A voluptuous shape, round in the hand, elegant on the vanity. This all-new flacon captures the three-sided dimples of the original Secret Wish bottle, with the fairy perched on top, but it is curvier, smoother, and definitely luxurious. The precious potion radiates from within, a soft peachy juice that captures the sunlight of the garden.

Soft peach, orange and pink strike a new note, as the carton tells the story. The original fairy figure is joined with friends, as they dance on the side, and flutter all around the box. They dance in the sun under a rainbow of flowers, their hair adorned with floral crowns. The carton shimmers, like fairy mist in the sunlight, with signature embossing that makes the story come to life. 

At the event, I was treated to pretty Anna Sui drinks, sweet!!!
I had a lovely ice cream made from the perfume's ingredients too!
Imagine a sunny afternoon in an enchanted rose garden. The warmth of the sun. The rosy/fruity smell of the air. The deep, delicious scent of the forest just beyond.

Fairy Dance opens with sparkling top notes of Tangerine, Mango and Pink Pepper, surprising the senses at every turn. At its heart, there is the rose, always the rose, Anna Sui’s favorite flower. Balanced by Peony and Bamboo, it creates a fresh, radiant warmth. Sandalwood, Vetiver and Vanilla form the base notes, yielding surprising seduction to a fragrance that is playful, fun, and magical! 

Pink Pepper

After wearing Fairy Dance for over a week:

I was immediately enraptured by the richness and depth of Fairy Dance. The combination of mandarin and the floral spiciness of the pink pepper makes the perfume a very romantic and girly fragrance. There's a tinge of sexiness with the rich roses and peonies as well as refreshing with the bamboo. This rosy woody combo makes the heart of the perfume feel very beautiful and sensual.

The perfume is very light, but it isn’t as overtly-youthful as the packaging and campaign would have you believe. It’s a beautiful, loveable scent. I recommend you try Fairy Dance. For those of you who are looking to try a new fragrances for the warm season, Fairy Dance might very well be your summer days’ best friend. I know it’ll be mine. ♥

The Secret Wish Woman......

The Secret Wish woman has not strayed far off course. She has the same dreams. But life is going quickly, always so much to do, so many promises to keep. And now she yearns for the things that are lasting and real. She wants to rejoice and feel the glow of happiness. So she returns to her beloved fairies. The Joy Fairies. And something magical happens. As they take her hand to dance, she remembers the special people in her life, the special moments, the secrets shared, the joy of pure friendship. Her true, close-to-heart friends. These are the memories she can hold onto, as a special celebration of life! Her wish has been granted, as she joins in the fairy dance. And when she emerges, she is lighthearted, carefree, and ready to find her life’s greatest pleasures.

The prices for Anna Sui Fairy Dance EDT:
  • 30ml S$64
  • 50ml S$87
  • 75ml S$112

Anna Sui Fairy Dance is available at all of their fragrance counter
Takashimaya D.S. | BHG Bugis | Isetan Scotts | Isetan Katong

Christina aka Huney 


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