Majorlica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus (Midnight Blue

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I was walking by Watsons Singapore and spotted this blue mascara from Marjolica Majorca. It's in the range of Majorlica Majorca's Lash Expander Frame Plus and I've been using their black mascaras for quite some time.

This mascara was launched with the Glass Trick Collection, but is still available at all Watsons stores. I love the Midnight Blue tone as the blue is not those striking, in-your-face, blue. This is a subtle blue that will show probably better under sunlight or when your friends look closer.

One great thing I love about Marjolica's mascaras is that they have these lash fibers that will immediately attach to your own lashes, extending them and giving them more volume! But I would suggest not to go too near to the lash roots 'coz the fibers might irritate your eye or fall into your eye, be very careful especially if you are wearing contact lenses.

Below are actually some ways on how you can enhance your blue lashes and how to wear them even to work, without looking too party girl~

A light sweet pink look to match those midnight blue lashes for work.
Colours can also be used to enhance your lashes. Try contrasting colours like Yellow, Orange and Red to bring out the Blue.

See how colours can help enhance the blue and how different colours can be used for different occasions?

Loving my long lashes!
Give the mascara a try! I bet you will fall in love with it too...

Christina aka Huney

Tokidoki ADIOS 6 Piece Set

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My hubby got me the Tokidoki ADIOS 6 Piece Set for Valentines' Day present! He noticed I've been eyeing it for so long, he got it for me! Imagine the excitement! I was literally jumping up and down when I opened the present. More about my V'day can be found here.

A look at the box design.

What lies with ADIOS?
Excited me.
Unveiling the beauty gadgets within. So scary to open his head...
The range of products found within.
So here's my little review about the products found in the set...

1) Cromatico Eyeshadow (Nancy Rocks)

The eyeshadow come is inspired by the Tokidoki character Nancy Rocks and it comes in a Tokidoki-logo shaped compact. I love the holographic purple hue and it suits my olive skin tone very well. The colour is easily shown even with just one brush stroke. I would say go with a bold eyeline for that futuristic feel.

Here's a little video on how to use the eyeshadow...

2)  Perfetto Eyeliner (Sabochan)

This is Sabochan.

I would say the eyeliner is marker type. Using the tip, you can get fine thin lines and if you slant it and draw using the side, you can get the perfect thick eyeline for cat eyes. The eyeliner is easy to remove, does not stain the eyelid and is also smudge proof!

3) Prisma Lip Gloss (Ciao Ciao)

Ciao Ciao herself.

What better way to pair Adios with Ciao Ciao? They are literally made for each other!

The lipgloss is a transparent pink lipgloss that brightens your lips. A tinge of strawberry smell makes you wana lick your lips! The lipgloss does not feel sticky, so go ahead and get your pouty lips some "action". I would say this lipgloss is a must get, use it on it's on or on top or any lip colour.

4) Fantastico Lip Stain (Carnivora)

I'm usually not a fan of colours that are too dark for my lips, but as this is a lip stain, the colour seeps nicely into my lips. The lip stain is like a marker, so I could get the colour to the corner of my lips easily without the help of a lip brush. Carnivora is a matt plum colour and I can get enough coverage with just one swipe. It doesn't feel dry and it has a berry taste to it! The lip stain does not feel sticky, it's almost like wetting your lips and dry in a few seconds leaving your lips with a beautiful shade of plum. Try it!

 That's the end of the review. I will post up the makeup video I did using these products. Stay tuned!

Christina aka Huney

[Weekly Nail Art] Valentines' Day Nail Art

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Are you guys ready for Valentines' Day? Here's a little trick to enhance your normal nail colours for the lovers event tonight!

More photos will be up. Hubby's here, got to run...

Yipee! Here are some photos of the gradient nail art done using the Etude House's Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails Collection. *They smell so good!

Steps from left to right.
The instructions.

So, this is the step by step visuals to getting nails like these....

Step 1: Paint the whole nail with 2 coats of base (Glam Pearl).

Step 2: Apply Sparkling Silver Nail polish on top half of nail. I applied 2 coats of it.

Step 3: Apply Bling Bling Rose Nail Polish on top 1/3 of nail. I applied 2 coats of it.

And then, following the steps on the video above, I achieved these simple and beautiful nails all ready for Valentines' Day! How was your V'day? Had fun?

Christina aka Huney

[Makeup Tutorial] CLIO Professional

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Yipee! CLIO Professional is finally here on Singapore shores! You can the collection in most of the Watsons stores.

Behind the brand's success is CLIO's muse and one of Korea's biggest stars, Lee Hyori! Being a trendsetter with a chic and sophisticated image, she brought in a successful sale of 50,000 pieces of pen liner sold in the 1st 2 weeks!

About CLIO

Conceived by a talented group of make-up artists in 1993, CLIO has established itself as one of the top make-up brands in Korea. With its fast growing community of die-hard fans, CLIO continues to innovatively adapt itself towards their consumers' wants and needs, changing up to 70 products a year!

As Singapore here can get really warm and we perspire easily, we girls are always constantly in search of a eyeliner that do no smudge, waterproof and long lasting. CLIO's high-flying eyeliner range gives us just that!

Recognized as the No. 1 eyeliner, CLIO's Kill Black Collection has broken records with 2.8 million pieces of their now famous Waterproof eyeliner in the last 3 years. Known as the must-have makeup item, Korean consumers are continuing to flock to stores in order to get a hold of this long lasting, smudge free eyeliner range!
"I have a secret product I use to create the perfect eye make-up. CLIO waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black is that secret! It enables me to create a defined eyeline without fuss. Thanks to this waterproof eyeliner, my eye make-uo can last the whole dat without smudging even under very hot lighting during my shoots. That's why I can skip applying lipstick but I always carry my Kill Black" -- Lee Hyori

Let me introduce the individual eyeliners...


This deep black intensity containing carbon black is long lasting, waterproof and smudge free. The easy to use pen tip helps you control how thick you draw on your eye liner and is also easily removable. 

My Review: I love how the pen liner is so easily controllable. I could even get my eyeline drawn when riding passage in my hubby's car. It dries almost instantly as it touches the skin and does not smudge even when I perspire! 


For a long lasting look, CLIO's Waterproof Brush Liner & Mascara Kill Black offers a deep black intensity containing carbon black - a black pigment used in eyeliners and mascara. This waterproof mascara does not smudge and easily washes off without staining your eyelids.

My Review: I like the softness of the Brush Liner, but it is not solid black, I have to build the blackness up. But I love how thin your eyeline can be! It is not as easy to control as the Pen Liner, so not recommended for passengers in car. :)

Comparison of the Pen and Brush Liner. On left is the Pen Liner and on right is the Brush Liner. You can see how thin the line can be?

As for the Mascara, it is very lengthening but I find it not volumnizing enough for me. It is not stinging to the eyes, so I can even go as close to the lash line as possible!


CLIO's Gel Liner and Cake Eyebrow Pot are both deliciously smooth and long wearing. Easy to apply, this waterproof gel liner gives you an intense black look without smudging. The eyebrow pot contains Vitamin E acetate that helps to protect the skin. The efficient dual brush has both sharp and oblique ends, allowing you to get the desired look each time. Comes in 4 gel liner shades: Black, Grey, Copper and Purple.

My Review: I love how CLIO makes the product compact. On the top lid, you get a mirror and eyebrow pot and on the bottom is the gel liner; even the brush is dual ended, making everything so easy to bring along.

The eyebrow pot together with the angled brush makes eyebrow filling so easy and the brown powder suits our Asian skin and hair colour perfectly. The gel liner glides on easily, makes it easier to create the eyeline shape that I want. It's not very black to my disappointment, but once you have a black eyeshadow powder to pat on top on it, it holds the eyeline perfectly.


With a flick of the brush, CLIO's Waterproof Mascara in the Kill Volume brings your lashes to life. With each application, visibly voluminous lashes emerge making them appear longer and thicker, thanks to the pore like particles found within the product.

My Review: The Mascara is very volumnizing, darkens and lengthens my lashes. It's like wearing falsies, I simply love it! This is a must get product!


This dual functioning pencil gives you the chance to use it as an eyeliner as well as an eyeshadow giving your eyes a mystical metallic effect. With its smooth application, the no fading, no smudging and waterproof properties, your eyes will sparkle once they've felt the magic of Eye Love You Shadow Pencil.

Available in 8 funky shades, the Eye Love You Shadow Pencil is suited for every Skin Tone.

My Review: This is another of my favourite! The colour glides on super easily and the shade of blue that I got is so special, I can't seem to find it at any other brands.A must get, must try product. The lovely people of CLIO even included a sharpener in the box!