[Makeup Tutorial] Makeup Look for New Asia Bar House party with DJ Matt Joko

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Last night I attended the House music party at New Asia Bar http://huneyzworld.blogspot.com/2011/05/dj-matt-joko-new-asia-bar.html.

Here's the look I spotted for the night. It was pretty rush as I was out in the noon for work and I had the natural beige-y look. I only got to reach home 1 hour before the event, so there was no time to re-do my makeup.

All I did was to add a little more colours to my eyes and a little shine on my face.

As you guys can see from above, I added a purple eyeshadow to line the lower lid and brought it up to the contours of the eyes "harshly". I didn't want to blend them out as I wanted my eyes to be a little more deep set. Well, coz New Asia Bar has Caucasian party goers as majority of the crowd and I wanted to blend in. Wahahahaha!

And the rest I did was just to add luminator powder on my cheeks, nose bridge and chin. *Remember to keep it light. You are not Lady Gaga, who's going under huge strobe lights!*

Christina aka Huney

Serenity Cove

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After a long weekend at the Adidas All 24 event, I decided to go to Serenity Cove in Holland Village with mummy dearest. We signed a package earlier on and were given complimentary 'Classic Manicure' and '40 mins Body Massage'.

I gave the manicure to mummy and she added on a pedicure. What a tai tai right? I liked that the Serenity Cove practice sanitary and all the equipment after one use are all washed and put into a sterilize box. Clean right?

Mummy didn't want to appear in my photos.
Sweet pea pink for her nails. She looked so kawaii!
And sparkly red for her toe nails. Sexy eh?
While mummy had her nails tended to, I was having my little relaxing session at the store next door, where they had all their massage chairs and beds.

Yes, I stripped down to just a towel over my body.
Lying on the bed, waiting for the nice lady to come and massage me...
Still lying on the bed, not waiting for leave after the massage.
The nice lady, gave me more attention on my shoulders and head, knowing that I stare at the computer more often. I'm so glad I had the massage, it's been ages I had a good rub and boy, I had what a wonderful sleep that night.

Another satisfied customer.
I was given a nice cup of camomile tea to drink while waiting for mummy's nails to dry.
You can find Serenity Cove in Holland Village's Shopping Mall, they have branches all over the 3rd floor.

Christina aka Huney

Etude House Crack Nail Colour


There's been so much hype about crack/shatter nail polishes ever since O.P.I. introduced theirs with the Katy Perry collection. Recently I spotted Etude Houses has also launched their own crack nail polish. Just 2 colours, blue and black.

I only got the blue one as I have already gotten the black from O.P.I.. I love how the blue cracks almost immediately as it touches another nail colour. *Note: Crack only works when you have already applied a base colour. Does not work on plain nails*

The nail polish works very simple. Just apply any nail colour as base and my suggestion for blue would be using pastel colours, or contrasting colours like yellow, orange and just plain beige for the blue to stand out. I used a matt pearly white a base for this example and applied one coat of the blue crack nail polish for this effect.

I don't really remember how much I paid for the nail polish, but if I'm not wrong it's SGD$11.90, a fraction of O.P.I's price! The only thing is that they should produce more colours right?

 Christina aka Huney

[Makeup Tutorial] 987FM RSVP Chocs & Bunnies - Makeup / Nails

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By now. lots of you should have seen my album "987FM RSVP Chocs & Bunnies" from FB. The makeup for that night was all sweet and candy-inspired colours.

I had my favourite purple contacts on to match the wonderful purple and blue fake lashes. I even added a crystal on each eye on the outer corners. It's not obvious, but the subtile touch, made my eyes 'sparkle' in the club.

I stretched my eye a little to show you guys the crystal.
I know this is pretty crazy look, but being the 'drama girl', I think my friends and hubby have treated it as nothing. But come on, attending a party is once in a lifetime, a time for you to do crazy things right?

See how colourful my lashes are?

I had a light pink till copper eyeshadow for that afternoon (Hehe! Didn't want to scare people when I'm shopping~). So for the party at night, all I did was just to wear my fake lashes and contacts, touched up my eyeshadow and I was ready to go! Easy right? I would say that's the way to transform from day look to heavy duty night look.

And because the party is all about chocolates and bunnies, cute colours and chocolates were what I did to my nails. Check them out --->

Cute right?

Christina aka Huney

[Makeup Tutorial] Nails and Makeup to Gala Premiere of "Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

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I was recently invited to the Gala Premiere of "Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and I knew I had to spot the dark eyeliner look on Captain Jack Sparrow that day.

All thanks to this trusty Etude House eyeshadow palette I acquired recently.

I used (1) - Matte Beige eyeshadow as base and (3) - Shiny White eyeshadow at the brow bone. And the final step is to apply (2) - Shiny Grey eyeshadow on the rest of the eye and (4) - Glittery Black eyeshadow from double eyelid to lashes. See below for better understanding.

So, on to the nail art. When you think of pirates what do you think of? Skulls, treasure chest and the main attraction of the film, mermaid eh? That's what I did exactly.

Thanks to my trusty O.P.I. nail polishes from the Pirates of Caribbean collection and crackle. This was the nail art I spotted that night.

The Pirates of Caribbean logo and overflowing jewels from the treasure chest.
This is a failure attempt on creating mermaid tail splashing on water. But it's still an idea eh?

Christina aka Huney

Clé de Peau Beauté eye color quad (2)

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My  friend's wife recently gave me an eye palette from Clé de Peau Beauté to try out. It's been a while I used eyeshadows that are non-M.A.C. 

Clé de Peau Beauté is part of the Shiseido family and these eye shadows are made with light-reflecting technology, which allows colour shading from subtle to intense and gives a silky flawless finish when used.
And the palette that I got are pretty natural colours and when I used it, it reminds me of those eyeshadows Japanese models featured in ViVi magazine used.

I love the colours and how there's mirror and brushes for applications. I can simply use this when I'm overseas and this is all I need. The light brown, light gold yellow and soft purple can be used in the daytime and if I were to go clubbing, I can just add on the dark purple.

See how sparkly and natural the colours are?
It's a little too light to show on my hand. So, here's some photos of me using the product. I'm liking the colours and have been wearing them for weeks. Don't think it's just 4 colours and you can't have different looks every day. Here are 2 examples of the different looks that I spot just by using the same product!

I used all the colours on the palette except the dark purple. Super clean look for  work.

This is the second look and it's purely the dark purple and light yellow eyeshadow for highlight.

Christina aka Huney

Etude House Haul

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Recently, Etude House @ Vivocity had a storewide 30% off promo. I was saving money but 30%! I just had to grab some things. So the moment I stepped in, I asked about almost every product and got almost everything the friendly sales girl had to offer.

I was like, since it's on sale, might as well try out those products that I've been wanting to right? I spent quite a bit that day and I'm very glad the products were so useful! Check them out~

My trusty masks. I just had to stock up on them.
Products that I'm gona try out.
I got these 3 products for the first time. I've tried the sample packs that Etude House gives out and they wworked magic for me, so I decided to get more!

Magic bubble peeling is actually an exfoliator that comes in foam. Super easy and you can have smooth smooth skin in just matter if seconds. I made a little video using the back of my hand for example.

See the difference? My left hand is so smooth....
Then, there's the Sleeping Pack. Just like the name, it's a mask that works while you sleep. So before sleeping, applying, let it dry a little (you dun wana stain your pillow right?), then get your beauty sleep. Next morning, your face will be smooth like babies skin! *I'll try to do a review soon*

I guess there's nothing more to say about the Baking Powder makeup remover right? It removes my water-proof eyeliner in minutes! YAY!

Next up: Makeup section.

New falsies. Will show ya guys the look soon.
I call this my tattoo brow pen.
Once, you've drawn it, there's no way to remove until you use makeup remover. So I can have beautiful brows all day long...
This reminds me so much of Alice in Wonderland.
Can you guess what this is?
Nice colours right? Stay tuned for the makeup looks using this palette.
Makeup Fixer holds on to my makeup for the whole day till I get home. Cool right?!
I got a Panda mirror and samples for the large purchase. LOL!
Stay tuned for more reviews on the products!

Christina aka Huney