Etude House Crack Nail Colour


There's been so much hype about crack/shatter nail polishes ever since O.P.I. introduced theirs with the Katy Perry collection. Recently I spotted Etude Houses has also launched their own crack nail polish. Just 2 colours, blue and black.

I only got the blue one as I have already gotten the black from O.P.I.. I love how the blue cracks almost immediately as it touches another nail colour. *Note: Crack only works when you have already applied a base colour. Does not work on plain nails*

The nail polish works very simple. Just apply any nail colour as base and my suggestion for blue would be using pastel colours, or contrasting colours like yellow, orange and just plain beige for the blue to stand out. I used a matt pearly white a base for this example and applied one coat of the blue crack nail polish for this effect.

I don't really remember how much I paid for the nail polish, but if I'm not wrong it's SGD$11.90, a fraction of O.P.I's price! The only thing is that they should produce more colours right?

 Christina aka Huney


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