[Tried & Tested] Go Bold or Nude With Maybelline

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Hi Huneybees,

Are you Bold or Nude?

Introducing the all new lipsticks from Maybelline. Choose from both sides - BOLD & NUDE to suit your character. BOLD is brighter and more matte whereas NUDE is more glossy and add sweetness to your look. Which if more you?

For the BOLD range, I have the MAT 1-5 (Hot Pink, Sugar Pink, Cheeky Coral, Vivid Coral, Bold Red), each a strong colour and I'm loving it. This is definitely more my style, super match with my pink hair! This is a range for those who like to do light eye makeup and want to show off your lips.

Colour Swatch
From Top Left: MAT 1, MAT 2, Mat 3
From Bottom Left: MAT 4, MAT 5
Nice right? I feel so Nicki Minaj! My favourite from the range is MAT1 (Hot Pink).

For the NUDE range, I have the NE01 (Blush Beige), NE04 (Velvet Coral), NE05 (Nude Pink) and NE06 (Sheer Rose). The colours are not very bright, just a light sheer tinge to your lips, with a glossy effect. Highly recommend for those who focus more on their eye makeup.

Colour Swatch
From Left: NE01, NE04, NE05 and NE06

I have NE01 (Blush Beige) on. It's a soft pink tinge on my lips and I like how it sweetens the whole look, as sometimes with a full black eyeliner, I tend to look too fierce.

So which one are you?


[What's New] Be Young and Price Saving With Kiehl's

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Hi Huneybees,

As age catches up with me, I am on the constant search for anti-aging products. With a brand that I trust - Kiehl's, I seem to have found the solution. 

At the Kiehl's "POWERHOUSE" Bloggers' Event, I was introduced to the Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Pore Reducing Cream and Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream. Combined with Copper and Calcium, the products helps strengthens, reorganise the elastin of skin, prevents collagen degradation and aids in the collagen formation.

After a few weeks of using the 2 products, I can see the fine lines under my eyes reducing, not so obvious and definitely look a few years younger!

Together with the new product launch, Kiehl's have also brought in a very, very good news. As they are gaining quick popularity across the world, they have decided to REDUCE their prices so that more of you can benefit from their products! 

Totally a worldwide first across all brands! With inflation and increasing costs on EVERYTHING, Kiehl's have definitely helped us alot, especially at the pockets.

We played a games during the event, and we are all shocked at the price drop! They go as low as 30% off!

Drop by the Kiehl's store nearest to you and check out the promotions!
Thank you Kiehls!


[Tried & Tested] Pantene 14-Day Healthy Hair Challenge (Day 7)

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Hi Huneybees,

It's a amazing! After 1 week, my hair has visibly gotten more tame, lesser frizz and I am more comfortable letting my hair down, to show off my pink hair. Wana know what's my favourite product from the Pantene Liquid Crystal Shampoo System launch event? Watch the video below...


[Tried & Tested] Pantene 14-Day Healthy Hair Challenge (Day 1)

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Hi Huneybees,

Remember my previous post on attending the Pantene Liquid Crystal Shampoo System launch event? Well, I took on the challenge and began my journey of 2 weeks to see whether the Shampoo System does help me "cure" my destroyed hair?

So, here's Day 1....


[Tried & Tested] New Lacoste Female Fragrance - Eau de Lacoste

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Hi Huneybees,

Sweet pink fragrance with a cap that is inspired by the cotton material of Lascoste clothings.
Fragrance play a large part in my life. It makes me more refreshed, feel more feminine and I do not have to fear the B.O when I am out on events.

I received the Eau de Lacoste, the latest fragrance for ladies and I am deeply in love with the light, sweet fragrance. As you all know, I have my pink streak of hair and because of it. I've been going crazy over all things pink and sweet and dolly.

There's a hint of fruits and flowers, very awakening for the morning. Before I head out every monring, I will spray the perfume on my body and one final step - with one spritz high in the air, and I walk into the "fragrant air". 

The fragrance last for most of the day and I have a little travelling perfume holder that I transferred the perfume over, which I will spray a little for the night event I normally attend. It refreshes me after a tired day out and I am set for a date with my hubby!

He has been praising me for how good I smell and we both love the light, delicate, feminine fragrance. 
Thank you Lacoste! :)


[Tried & Tested] O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum Works Wonder On My Skin

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Hi Huneybees,

I returned home to find a package waiting for me at the table. I finally received my O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 serum from Wishtrend! The product is nicely wrapped with bubble wrap and the product reached  me in tip-top condition.

According to the Wishtrend site, the O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum was the best selling item of 2012 and was even ranked the best selling item in Singapore No.1 commerce (2012)! There are also many benefits listed, like how it can tighten up loose skin, can whiten or recover trouble scars, and remove blackheads.
  • Volume : 30ml
  • All Skin Types
  • Made in Korea

The product came titled in English, but the rest of it is in Korean, lucky at Wishtrend, they have a review video as well as some product knowledge and how to use.

The O.S.T. Original Pure Vitamin C20 serum comes in dropper bottle, with the dropper packed separately, so that the Vitamin C is kept fresh in the bottle. The bright orange packaging already spells it all and the dark coloured is used to block out light which will cause the Vitamin C to oxidise and lose its effectiveness. So, after opening, keep it refrigerated. (*Applying the cool serum on my skin is also very refreshing every morning.)

There's a fresh welcoming citrus fragrance when you open it and I like how they used a dropper system to maintain the state of the serum, leaving it uncontaminated and so you can share it with your mothers and sisters.

The serum has a slight yellow tinger and it feels thick with a gooey consistency, but it is super absorbant! I basically apply 2-3 drops on my face after cleansing my face and applying toner. A few simple massaging of the serum and it gets fully absorbed into the skin.

At first, when I first started using, there was a slight tingling sensation. I was a little frightened as I have hyper sensitive skin, I thought I was having a reaction. But after Googling, I realised that is so for the first few usage, and it is true. 4 days after using the product, the feeling is gone and I guess the product is starting its magic on my skin.

The fine lines on my skin seem to have lighten, become less obvious and my face seemed to have its own glow back. If you have been following my Instagram, I have gone with minimun makeup recently, coz I really love how my skin is showing off its natural beauty ~ 

Here are also some of the FAQs on the website...

The OST Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum is retailing at USD24.99 for a bottle of 30ml and is exclusively available at WishTrend! http://www.wishtrend.com/502–ost-original-pure-vitamin-c-20-serum.html.

New and existing customers can use the following code for discounts.
-Voucher Code: RFXLSCOZ (3 USD voucher / Able to combine with other voucher) 
-Expiry date: the end of 2013
-Minimum Amount to Use: Over 20 USD order

About Wishtrend
Wishtrend is the hub for Korean beauty secrets! It believes in sourcing the best cosmetics for its customers, not just those that have huge distribution networks and marketing budgets. To cater to the Singapore market, Wishtrend sells its products through Qoo10. You can have a look here. 

Wishtrend Singapore Facebook Page  --- https://www.facebook.com/wishtrend.sg


[What's New] Dream Matte Range from Maybelline New York

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Hi Huneybees,

The latest addition to Maybelline is definitely my lifesaver in weathers like this. Hitting as high as 34°C, my makeup is a mess right from the moment I step out of my house. So I tend to go simple, focusing more on my foundation and concealing, trying to go for that nude look.

So at the launch of Maybelline's Dream Matte Range, I was invited by Cheryl to join her at the Bliss House Theme Restaurant. It very much reminded me of the ex-Fullhouse Cafe and everything was "Ah! So CUTE!!" right from the moment you step into this archway.

Welcoming us are the “angel” and the “devil” and I was brought to another end of the restaurant to take my pick of the good boys, or the bad boys. Cheryl chose to be with the bad, so I was the goodie 2 shoes!

Check out the hunks!

Have a seat on the plushy sofas and seriously the whole restaurant is screaming take wedding photos here!

So, here are the stars! Ready for the reveal?

Presenting Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse.
Alongside, are the Lasting Drama Pen Gel Liner and Baby Skin Pore Eraser.

The makeup artist teaching us tips for the day was non other than Larry Yeo himself! Here's his reference to choose the right Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse for your skin based on your MAC foundation shades.
  • MAC NC35 – Maybelline Nude Light 4
  • MAC NC40 – Maybelline Honey Beige Medium 4
  • MAC NC45 – Maybelline Sandy Beige Medium 1

For Larry's tip, he started with the Baby Skin Pore Eraser, which was the #1 product in Korea. Your skin will look flawless and the pores minimized.
A tip from Larry: This is a silicon-based product so don’t use it with a gel-based moisturiser. Your makeup will be running down in streaks like noodles!
Then, use a medium-sized brush to pick up the Dream Matte Mousse (or you can use you hands), put it on the back of your hand to remove clumps and to compact the product onto the brush strands and gently sweep it across your face.

See how flawless she looks?

If you want more coverage, use the Dream Liquid Mousse. That was what he used for the "angel" model. Larry then helped each of us match our foundation colours and he even taught me to use 2 different shades to contour my face for a slimmer me!

So, all of us brought home the Dream Matte Range in a super duper cute storybook and here's my short review of the products. (Don't worry, I will be using them in my videos, so you can see it in action too).


On the left, is the Dream Liquid Mousse and on the right, is the Dream Matte Mousse. They are very different in texture and even how it feels on your skin if different too!

As you can see, on the left, my hand with the Dream Liquid Mousse applied is smoother and I'm loving the coverage it is giving, my green veins were not obvious too!

As for the right, the Dream Matte Mousse felt airy on my hand, as though nothing was applied. But the slight cakey look there is to it, I'm not a fan. It also seems a little more yellow toned compared to the Dream Liquid Mousse. I think the Liquid Mousse is still my preferred choice.

There are more upcoming products in the Maybelline range, do stay tuned for my reviews...