365 Days Of Bigger, Brighter Eyes With FreshKon

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Contact lens are a big deal in my beauty regime. Ever since my wedding, I am converted. I have tried most of the safe brands of contact lens out there, and here I am introducing you to the latest product from FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY Cosmetic Contact Lenses.

It is daily lens and it is super comfortable to wear them for the day. I like that it is more hygienic to wear daily lens and at the end of the day, just throw them away, without having to "wash" them at the end of the day. Sometimes, even contaminating the lens when you are storing them. 

I received a box of the Magnetic Grey and I wore them to events as well as the Hyun Bin Showcase. It's so comfortable, you don't feel a thing! Moreover the colour makes my eyes pop more with the bigger diameter lens. Don't believe? See this...

I'm loving it! I've been wearing these lenses for more than a week and it's never been more refreshed!

So, here's more about the FreshKon Alluring Eyes Contact Lens...

Natural Look

  • Natural Shades (Winsome Brown, Mystical Black and Magnetic Grey)
  • Defined outline for alluring bigger, brighter eyes effect
Superior Comfort

  • Hydrophilic (Water Loving) surface for comfortable wear
  • 58% water content for optimal comfort
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for optimum ocular lubrication and hydration, thus enhanced comfort and clarity
  • Easy to fit, no curling lens problem
Excellent Vision
  • Large optical zone for clear vision
  • Wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D
Health Benefits

  • Daily disposable 
  • UV inhibitor (blocks 80% of  UVA and 96% of UVB)

FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY are a smart and attractive solution for wearers with different enhancement needs – whether they want to have instantly bigger, brighter and more alluring eye for beauty reasons, to achieve a confident or engaging look or simply to enhance their own distinctive style. 

FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY lenses are available at participating optical outlets for $56 for a box of 30 pcs (15 pairs).

Christina aka Huney


  1. Irfan Fazail said...:

    Just got to know your blog few.months back and now reading it. Continue to blog more..

  1. Irfan Fazail said...:

    One of the awesome information about the best freshKon alluring eyes.Can you tell me the price of that freshkon. Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work, keep it up.

  1. @Irfan Fazail It was should be around $50+ for 30 pairs, but do look out for special promos...

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