[Giveaway] Makeup Tips To Survive 2015 Countdown Party & Win Tickets To Siloso Beach Party 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

In a few more days, we will be counting down to a whole new year and what is your plan to countdown to 2015? I will be heading over the Siloso Beach Party and join all the bikini babes and topless hunks at the beach party, dancing and make merry till we see the fresh new morning sun of 2015!

Of course, you wana be dressed in your best and look your best for the brand new year, but after partying for hours, how can you ever stay fresh and make your makeup last from 2014 to 2015?!

Well, I have some little tricks up my sleeve and I bet you will be looking your "futuristic" best for all the photo moments. Watch these videos and you will know what the tricks are to creating this look as well as what's the way to "preserve" your makeup?

So, that's gona save you from all that #EmbarrassingMoments of your makeup smudging and running. and while we are on the topic of Siloso Beach Party, I have 2 pairs of  SBP 2014 party tickets (worth $136 each) to giveaway, so you can party 2014 away on the scenic beach and see the very first 2015 morning sun rise above the horizon.

How to Win?

Well, simple, just tell me what your futuristic look will look like, show me your futuristic inspired look and the best 2 looks will win a pair of tickets to the Siloso Beach Party on 31 December 2014! Think metallic, structured looks, neon colours, gold and shimmer, I bet it will be an amazing "TRON" time!

Simply post a picture/collage (like above) on your Instagram and don't forget to put in @huney_84 and #HuneyZWorldGiveaway along with your caption. The giveaway will end on 30 December 2014 2359hrs and I will be contacting the winners via Instagram on ticket collection details.

This year's Siloso Beach Party will feature international DJ Mike Candys and more than 20 other international and local DJs at five party zone. With one Siloso Beach Party (SBP) ticket, you can gain access to the FIVE distinct party zones, a foam pool and a 1.2 kilometre stretch of sandy dance floor. So, come join us at thAsia's Largest Beach Countdown Party this 31 December 2014! http://www.silosobeachparty.com/

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[Get The Look] Rudoph Is Coming To Town This Christmas ~~~

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Hi Huneybees,

It's Christmas Eve and it's time for more parties. You might not have the time to head down to the beauty parlour, so here's a "quickie" to get your nails done in just minutes!

What you need is fine nail art brushes (got this pack from Daiso) or toothpicks, together with 5 different nail polish colours - Black, White, Beige, Brown & Red. I have these OPI mini from previous collections but you can also use other brands'. The mini OPI brushes are easier to work with, since I will be doing delicate drawing...

These are prepped to draw the reindeer shown on my third finger above. First, paint 2 coats of white nail polish as a base on the desired finger.

Then, using the brown nail polish, paint a half moon on 1/3 of your nails. The ears are then drawn on using the fine brushes.

Next, get using the black nail polish, draw on the antlers. Try not to be symmetrical and you simply draw them as though drawing tree branches!

Next comes the finishing touches, super easy to do. Simply give Rudolph his infamous big red nose, and using white nail polish, dot 2 white dots for his eyes and a little dot on the side of his nose for the shine.

Afterwhich, it is 2 small black dots for his eyeballs and 2 beige dots on each side of his cheek to give him some cartoon cuteness. Top it off with a nice layer of top coat to seal it all in and you are set to go!

For the snow flake nails, it is simply drawn with this simple white nail polish stripper I got from Essence Cosmetics and the glittery nails are simply 2 coats of this lovely nail polish from Etude House shown below- #249.

But hey, if you want simple Frozen-esque nail manicure, you can also have this glittery nail polish over different shades of nail polish. Play with the colours and I bet you will be surprised by the effects!

So here's my little tutorial on getting Rudolph into your Christmas partying. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and have a great time with your friends and family! Be sure to check back as I will be sharing more looks for the upcoming New Year celebrations! Muahz!!! <3

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[What's New] Get Slim & Look Young Like JLo With LPG Endermospa Now In Singapore!

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Hi Huneybees,

Wendy Ho, CEO, Mary Chia Holdings Ltd with Valentin Gitto, COO Asia at LPG Systems at the Official Opening of the first LPG Endermospa in Singapore
With having served A-Listers - Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Shu Qi at the Cannes Film Festival and being a leader in cell stimulation for nearly 30 years, LPG Endermospa from France have been providing natural, non-invasive slimming and anti-aging treatments at exclusive spa centres in over 10 countries.

This amazing technology is now available in Singapore. All thanks to Mary Chia Holdings, we can now enjoy the infamous  patented Cellu M6® technology that LPG offers. You can have skin-friendly beauty treatments that have no side effects and all this started in 1985 when founder - Louis Paul Guitay got in a car accident.

It left him in the need of physical therapy and after going through numerous massage sessions, he realised the inconsistencies in manual massages that led to unreliable results. He then decided to take matters into his own hands and created a machine that was able to mimic the massage movements performed by professional therapists. 

Valentin Gitto, COO Asia at LPG Systems, explaining to the VIP and media the patented technology behind LPG Endermospa 
This machine made an incredible difference in his healing process. The regular use of this mechanical stimulated massage also strengthened his connective tissues, muscles and skin. His doctors also observed a reduction in cellulite and his skin became tauter, leading to the birth of Endermologie® - the science of cell stimulation by LPG.

At the opening of  the first-ever LPG Endermospa in Singapore, I got to see the new body Endermologie® at work. It is the only technique that boosts the release of natural stubborn fat by 70%*, where the treatment head is equipped with independent motorised rollers (a LPG® patent).
*MARQUES MA. et al. Impact of mechanical massage on gene expression profile and lipid mobilization in female gluteofemoral adipose tissue. Obesity Facts. 2011 ; 4(2) :121-9

Using the roll and lift technique (a pleasant and non-aggressive technique), the skin is gently pulled using three directions of rotation (depending on the desired objectives). The various folds treat different types of tissue, including cellulite, adipose, edematous, fibrous, adherent, inflammatory, thin, fragile, and relaxed tissue.

Then the new Ergolift treatment head (patented by LPG in 2013) uses two-dimensional stimulation—vertical and horizontal - to send a wave through the tissue and gently stimulate the skin. Depending on the lift pulsation rate and the chosen suction sequentiality, the Ergolift head creates a targeted, multi-dimensional stimulation at varying skin depths to accomplish specific aesthetic and therapeutic goals (e.g. release fat, drain, fill wrinkles, redensify skin, firm, oxygenate or defibrosis).

This mechanical stimulation on the surface of the skin allows the machine tosend a signal deep down to the cells (ex: fat cells and fibroblasts) and provoke a physiological response (ex: activation of collagen and elastin production or activation of lipolysis), thus able to enhance the curves of the figure and firm the skin. This is also able to apply of the face skin, increasing the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 80%*.
* Scientific study involving facial biopsies on 20 subjects by the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besancon (France) under the supervision of Prof. Humbert, 2013. 

From left: Wendy Ho, CEO of Mary Chia Holdings Ltd, Mary Chia, founder of Mary Chia Holdings Ltd and Valentin Gitto, COO Asia at LPG Systems celebrating the Opening Ceremony of the first-ever LPG Endermospa in Singapore 

More will be shared when I go for my sessions.
Do check back as I will share more about my experience! :)

LPG Endermospa is located at:
Ngee Ann City, Tower B, #05-22A

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[What's New] Come Celebrate The Festive Season With SK-II ~

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Hi Huneybees,

As the year winds down, SK-II would like to welcome the festive season with you.  From 19th to 21st Dec, spend $500 on SK-II products in a single receipt at SK-II TANGS Orchard or $350 on SK-II products at TANGS Vivo to join in the SK-II Festive Party on 21st Dec at TANGS SEVIIN. 
There will be food, drinks as well as a free makeover at the party from 2pm to 6pm! Promotions are as shown above.

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[What's New] Give The Gift Of Knot Free Hair With The Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt Collection

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Hi Huneybees,

Give the gift of knot free hair this holiday season with The Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt Collection. Same as The Wet Brush I previously wrote about, this little hair brush features the trademark Wet Brush Intelli-flex bristles, which are ultra-thin and provide pain-free detangling without damaging or breaking the hair! 

Available in Blue, Green, Red and Purple, these little detanglers can fit nicely in your bags and go everywhere with you. I chose for the green one to go with the one that I already have at home. Hehehe....

The Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt features not only the Intelli-flex bristles, the Polytip ball on top of the bristles also helps massage the follicles.

The brush’s soft floating cushion compliments its super flexible bristles to provide even more flexibility and protection, making it more responsive to tangles and knots while providing a barrier between the brush and the scalp.

The longer bristles allow for more elasticity when brushing through any type of hair, making it easier to comb through knots and more comfortable than with smaller bristles; longer bristles shorten the detangling process.

The Wet Brush Holiday Dazzler Squirt Collection will make great Christmas gifts and you can chose from 4 colours. They are available at aLT @ BHG, Metro (Seng Kang & Centrepoint), Robinsons and selected Guardian, Sasa and Watsons, priced at SGD $11.90 each.

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[What's New] Go Sparkly This Christmas With Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection

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Hi Huneybees,

As the saying goes - "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", I've always adored my blings and I will never let go of any chance to wear them. So when I received the Models Own Heart Red nail polish, I was simply jumping with joy!

This lovely shade of red nail polish comes from Models Own first ever ‘luxe’ collection – Diamond Luxe. This special range of nail polishes features gold caps and are luxuriously filled with Diamond Dust in them to deliver a completely unique golden metallic finish.

The ultra-fine gold glitter dust are subtle but gives the nail colour a special shine, that no other nail polishes does. It glides on smoothly onto nails and with the square tip brush, it is a fuss free, quick way to glam up your nails. 2 coats 30 minutes was all I need to paint my 10 little fingers and I'm set to go out!

It is also easy to remove and I simply love this shade of red that comes just in time for Christmas as well as Chinese New Year. But if you are afraid red might be too strong a colour, you can still find 4 other shades in stores - Princess Pink, Trillion Taupe, Asscher Blue and Radiant Pink.

So which shade would you pick? 

They are now in stores at aLT@BHG, John Little Plaza Singapura, Robinsons JEM, selected Guardian, Watsons and Sasa stores, retailing at $14.90 each. Have fun with them ~ 

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[What's New] Deck The Halls With Amazing Beauty Products In December's bellabox !

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Hi Huneybees,

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way ~~~

It's time for my favourite festive time of the year - CHRISTMAS!!!  With Christmas comes presents and gatherings and it's definitely time to start glamming up before you meetup with your friends. You wana look your best and what better way than to receive all these monthly pampering products from bellabox?! They know exactly what you need for the season ~

Well, "Ring in the Christmas Belles" and here's a list of the Christmas goodies in my December bellabox...

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

  • NaturVital Normal Hair Loss Shampoo

  • Uriage Isoliss Creme & Fluide

  • Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive

  • Curél Moisture Range - Moisture Lotion II, Moisture Face Milk, Intensive Moisture Cream

Curél is one of my favourite brand. Their products works on my sensitive skin, they are gentle on my skin and still do the works of cleansing and moisturizing my skin. I did a review on their products before --- http://huneyzworld.blogspot.sg/2012/04/curel-fundamental-solutions-for.html . Whenever my skin is giving me problems, I would definitely turn to Curél.

This month's bellabox  is definitely a treat, targetting at improving our skin's condition. Check out their website to order your very own monthly bellabox surprise today and don't forget to visit their beauty store to get your hands and the mentioned products! 

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