Beauty comes from within - Brand's Innershine

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What is the most important thing to women? Beautiful radiant skin with great elasticity right? Let me introduce the all new BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract. And I  was down at the launch event with Miyo and now I'm addicted to the drink. :)

The all new Brands Innershine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract is rich in OPCs (Oligomeric Pranthocyanidin Complexes, that improves the skin's elasticity and keeping it firm. Together with 5 premium berries (Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Chokeberry, Acaiberry and Cranberry) specially selected from Europe and America, the drink is "empowered" with Anti-Oxidants and Anthocyanins. This is definitely a super choice for ladies to maintain youthful and glowing skin.

Beauty at a small price. :)
A pic with Miyo before the event started.

When we got there, we were asked to join the mini makeover and at the end of it, there will be a little "pageant" for the Miss Natural Beauty. :)

I'm Number 7.
Introducing Makeup Artist , Stella from HK. She looks amazingly like Kelly Chen!!! Like photostat u know?

Miyo first. She's Number 6.
Stella, enhanced her eye makeup, gave her rosy cheeks and a hint of lip colour.
Dun look at me, see Stella's tattoo? So tempted to get one myself.
My makeup was pretty much done, so she could only touch up the smudging under my eyes.

All done!
Professionally taken photo. :)
Of course must take 1 with Miyo.

Then, they introduced local celebrity stylist, Ms. Karen Ng. But the first time I was staring and fell in love with is the Dsquared2 Skeleton Heels that she was wearing. Super fierce man!

A pic of the heels I found online.
So Karen and Stella gave us live demo on how to achieve the Fall's nude look.
This is the finished look. Effortless pretty right?

Next up, 1/2 of our very local twin blogger, Hayley was model for the makeup demo. She was given a more colourful and bright look as she was heading out later...

So lovely right?
I even bumped into fellow blogger, Shu Qing at the event!
After a short interview with Karen Ng, it was time for the prize ceremony and announcement of the top 3 Miss Natural Beauty.

Credits to Brand's FB page.
Miyo and 2 other ladies got chosen as top 3 ad I was happy too, coz I got a little gift from Brand's for participating.

Some photos for keepsakes before we leave....

See what I got to bring home?! 2 boxes of Brand's Innershine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract drinks!!
There's even a perfume refiller to bring around. Now I can look good and smell good!
I'm drinking them everyday now. Chilled is the best way to have it.
Cheers to radiant, beautiful skin!

Christina aka Huney

Accompanying Miyo Momo for Bioessence Shoot

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Miyo Momo is a fellow blogger friend that I made recently at the SilkBath event. Eversince then, we've been hanging out and this very day, I was accompanying her for her Bioessence shoot. (Ok, I was there to KPO lahs). =)

The star product. Bioessence Face Lifting Cream.
Camera Rolling.

Ain't Miyo adorable?
My face look so big next to hers.    >o<|||

Spotted this guy busking on a converted trishaw. The whole time he just stood there with eyes closed. Huh?

At the Orchard MRT there's this interactive game that we tried.
Stand there and grab virtual money. So embarrassing right?
Another pic before we go...
And sweet Miyo shared some samples from her goodie bag with me. I'll do a review on them soon.

Christina aka Huney

[Makeup Tutorial] Makeup in a snap

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I was just going to the neighbourhood mall, but didn't wana go out looking so unglam. So I just did a simple makeup look and I think it looks pretty. Wana share with you guys how to look good in just minutes! *Super good one for the OLs...

So this is how it looks. Just a simple green eyeliner line jazzes the whole look. Who says you have to use natural colours for work? Here's how it's done...

Introducing the gadgets: Silkygirl Lime Gree Eyeliner, M.A.C. Blue Noon Eyeliner, Kate eyeshadow BR-2 and M.A.C. Fresh Daisy eyeshadow.

Then, for a little twist, I even wore this new earring I bought from Forever 21. Feather is the new in and this one's even for people without a ear hole piercing. You literally hook it over your ear.

Hope that helped you guys, remember, be daring and play with colours! If you are afraid it make be too dramtic, just stick to having it as eyeliner and you are definitely safe! Do comment and show me your pictures when you have tried out this look ya?

Christina aka Huney