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Check out these nails!

You might think that I must have spent hundreds on getting my nails drawn with Black and White Houndstooth prints. But you are wrong. I got them done in just seconds and all thanks to Sally Hansen with their new range of "Real Nail Polish Strips". They are actually strips nail colour, that works with heat (from your hand) and the design I got is called "Check It Out".

Words can't describe the process of having the fab nails, so I've made a video. Yipee!

OK! So here's my take on the product. 


  • Pretty nails in a jiffy.
  • Simple and easy 3 steps to getting nails done
  • No strong smell from nail polish. Great for people with asthma like me.
  • No staining of nails (Hate those yellow nails!)
  • No nail polishes required, not even base coat or top coat.

  • Not available in Singapore yet. Costs USD$9.00 from drugstore
  • Minimal patterned strips, mostly just plain coloured strips
  • Comes off after a short period, so you have to be careful when wearing them. Below is a picture of my nails after only 3 days. 
  • Not sure is it just my nails, some strips seem to be too small to cover the sides of the nails, leaving my own nails "peeking" out from the sides.

Basically, I would say this is definitely one product for people who don't have the time to get their nails painted, don't know how to draw nail arts on their own or just that they have to get their nails done almost immediately just for the last minute date/party.

I strongly suggest that everyone should try it at least once, because it's really good and fast for city dwellers like us who are always shuffling from places to places. This can be done just when you are waiting for your facial mask to get absorbed!

I do hope to see these nail polish strips in stores in Singapore soon, shipping is such a killer!

Christina aka Huney


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