Vancouver Hauls - M.A.C. Surf Baby

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I should have done this long ago. Just that there were more and more works and events when I got back from Vancouver and could only talk about them now. I was in Vancouver in May and I got a plentiful of makeup hauls. Let me share them with you...

This is from M.A.C.'s Surf Baby collection. I know it's available in Singapore, but I just can't wait and since I'm there, why not get it right? They had several colours, including bronzers etc. But I only got an eyeshadow and an eyeliner.

I chose eyeshadow - Surf USA and eyeliner - Blue Noon.

I have too much makeup gadgets already, so I chose the only colours that were unique to the collection and that I do not own already.

Swatch from left: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow on top of the Eyeliner. See the difference? I love the effect when both are combined.
 So here's a couple of looks I've come up with using the 2 items above. Totally dig the colours!


Brown goes super well with the teal colour!


This one's more minimal, less dramatic and with the silver eyeliner, it's so glam!


For this look, I just had the eyeshadow kept on the outer corner.
Some might say it's weird, But I call it refreshing. *Not sure why I have shots of my drinking...*
I hope this inspires. Feel free to comment or drop me emails if you would like tutorials on the look or just let me know what you think of the look ya? Stay tuned for more...

Christina aka Huney


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