The Body Shop turns 36! Stand to win a hamper from THE BODY SHOP when you comment here!

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Celebrate 36 Years of Natural Wonders with The Body Shop

The Body Shop was founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick, a Human Rights Activist. Her first store was in Brighton, UK and through the years, The Body Shop has become one of the world’s most iconic and pioneering beauty brands with the motto of "true beauty comes from the heart".

All The Body Shop products are manufactured and retailed with love and care, powered by nature and rich in the highest quality ingredients, sourced from all corners of the globe are used. 80% of their products contain one or more Community Fair Trade ingredients, so communities benefit as much as us, the

And of course all The Body Shop products are animal cruelty free and vegetarian, so that not only will you look good, you can also feel good and do good when you shop at The Body Shop.

I've been a lover of The Body Shop for years, renewing my membership year after year. My sister was always the "Skin Protector" in the family, body lotions are always a must in her before sleep routine and she was the one who introduced me to The Body Shop. We would go get our Body Butters, Lip Balms and other moisturisers almost every few months and recently I've been hooked on their Lily Cole Makeup Collection...

To celebrate The Body Shop's 36th Anniversary, they have shortlisted their Top 10 Best Sellers and you guys will get 30% off when you purchase the 10 products during 17 Sep 2012 to 14 Oct 2012

1.  Shea Body Butter

Give your skin the royal treatment. Skin is hydrated for up to 24 hours, looking radiant, plump and silky. Made of three Community Fair Trade ingredients: cocoa butter from Ghana, babassu oil from Brazil and beeswax from Zambia.

2.  Vitamin E Moisture Cream

A skincare icon that has been with The Body Shop since its humble beginnings, the popular day cream has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturising benefits of a cream. The skin is left protected, soft, smooth and healthy looking. Suitable for all skin types.
*Based on 52-weeks global sales until 28 November 2009
3.  All-in-one Face Base

For a natural-looking, smooth and even complexion, use this dual purpose powder which leaves a matte velvety finish and moisturises at the same time. Made with Community Fair Trade Marula Nut oil, rich in natural antioxidants.
4. Spa Wisdom™ Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub

The Queen of all scrubs. The award winning creamy exfoliator leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant with its skin softening African ximenia oil and Community Fair Trade coca butter.

5. Moisture White™ Shiso Whitening Serum

Powered by active Shiso extract, a type of mint/basil believed to suppress early melanin formation to help fight pigmentation, this light-weight serum provides whitening and hydration for up to 12 hours.

6. Nutriganics™ Smoothing Eye Cream

The skin around the eye area is the most delicate and needs special care. This gentle, lightweight cream is specially formulated to hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and improve skin’s suppleness. The first Eco-Certified organic skincare range that is gentle for the skin.

7. Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules

Filled with powerful anti-oxidant derived from Camu Camu berry, these gems pack 20 times more Vitamin C than an orange.

8. White Musk® Eau De Toilette

A soft, feminine and velvety signature scent of rose and ylang ylang, this cruelty-free musk fragrance has been loved for 31 years and counting.

9. Tea Tree Oil

Keep your skin spot-free and happy with Tea Tree Oil. Packed with natural actives and Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, this super hero keeps bacteria at bay without over-drying skin to give you maximum blemish control. Preservative-free, dermatologically and clinically tested.
*Based on 52-weeks global sales until 28 February 2011.

10. Face & Body Brush
Made of 100% synthetic hair, the award-winning and cruelty-free brushes are well-received by make-up professionals.

NATURE’S LATEST WONDER & STAR ENTRANT - Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth

The newly launched pre-serum is so popular that it is making its way up the top 10 list. Enriched with the latest stem cell technology. Drops of Youth is part of a certified range specially created to battle the first sign of aging. The skin renewal process is enhanced to deliver smoother, fresher and healthier looking skin.*Based on global sales from 04/03/2012 – 21/07/2012 and selling period of 12 hours per day, 7days a week.

Out of the products named, which is your favourite? I like everything but if I really have to pick a favourite, it will have to be the Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules. It helps me to maintain the glow in my skin, keeping it radiant and smooth. Especially on days when I am tired out, the little capsules help me to stay pretty pretty!

Win a Hamper from The Body Shop!

So, which is your favourite product from the Top 10 Best Sellers? Comment below and there's a little blogger challenge going on. The blogger with the most number of comments wins and one of her lucky readers (it could be you!) will stand to win a product hamper each!
So hurry, 'Like' The Body Shop FB Page (Very important!), comment below and good luck!

Christina aka Huney

TANGS unveils first 7 shop-in-shop flagship beauty boutiques

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First Peek of the S$45 Million Three-Year Transformation

Press Release, September 2012 – TANGS presents shoppers with a preview of its S$45 million transformation of their Orchard Road flagship store. Along with a new storefront and lobby entrance, seven beauty brands are amongst the first to redefine beauty shopping, presenting themselves in the form of new, shop-in-shop beauty boutiques instead of the traditional beauty counter. The unveiling marks the first milestone of the three-year renovation, with the first phase to be fully completed by Christmas 2012.  

This is in line with the iconic retailer’s vision of a new hybrid shopping concept, which combines the coziness of shopping in department stores and the flagship boutique experience previously only found in shopping malls.
“When we announced the beginning of our three-year transformation earlier this year as part of our 80th anniversary celebrations, we were excited to start a new chapter of our TANGS story. This sneak peek of our renowned TANGS Beauty heralds the introduction of this, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results and support that has been given by our customers and partnering brands,”  --- Mr Foo Tiang Sooi, CEO of TANGS. 
Seeking to provide beauty shoppers with a comprehensive range of beauty services and an immersive brand experience, TANGS invited the best-of-category beauty brands to set up flagship boutiques at TANGS Beauty, offering an array of services, which include expert consultations, skin testing, makeover services and the convenience of instant cashiering.

Lancôme welcomes guests into a universe with made-to-measure experiences comprising the three areas in which Lancôme has always excelled – makeup, fragrance and skincare. The different spaces share the theme of light and a sense of free movement, invitation and intimacy, enveloped by the rose, the sovereign flower and symbol of Lancôme, and the brand’s French heritage and artistry.

The makeup area presents a full expression of colour, equipped with a private corner for exclusive moments with Lancôme Makeup Experts. The fragrance area showcases iconic silhouettes of haute perfumery from both yesteryear and today. The skincare space, infinitely vibrant with light from walls dressed in crystalline materials, features a Skincare Bar and an ultra-luxurious Absolue Corner. Here, women can enjoy a luxurious and sensorial experience with the beautiful textures of Absolue, coupled with a relaxing hand massage.

The design concept is a collaboration between Lancôme and Peter Marino, one of the most celebrated architects and designers of his time. The designer of more temples to luxury than any other architect, his work on materials, textures, light and a constant dialogue between the inside and outside worlds has fundamentally redefined aesthetics across the globe.


A first-of-its-kind in the world for Clarins, this shop-in-shop beauty boutique is designed to provide a complete, service-oriented approach, creating an environment where customers can shop uninhibited, experimenting with products either on their own or with the help of a beauty specialist.

An LCD wall-display creates light and movement at the entrance of the boutique, which is divided into several consultation zones – a specific skincare tester bar for key face and bodycare products, a VIP consultation area situated in a cosy corner for comfortable group consultations, a private zone for Clarins Skin Time (a full 30-minute consultation that allows for a more in-depth session), and the most eye-catching of them all, the Clarins Tree. Each leaf is made from a different textured-material and fitted with special lighting for a soft glow, branching out from a main pillar where products are displayed in open shelves. Shoppers can easily pick up products displayed on walls, and open approach with free access to touch, open, feel and smell products.

Clinique pioneers a new sensorial beauty experience, tapping into innovative ways to drive customer service. By using technology, Clinique has reinvented a way to shop beauty products, improving functionality and facilitating as-you-like-it service innovation.

A new Experience Bar features visually impactful displays and vibrant colours to attract customers. More importantly, the new concept boutique aims to enhance the educational experience and interactivity by adopting an iPad with software exclusive to Clinique, allowing shoppers to identify their skin care concerns and receive personalized skincare recommendations using a 90-second computer-guided skin care analysis. This state-of-the-art diagnostic tool allows for 52 million possible pathways in determining skin conditions, and processes numerous product combinations to precisely address each shopper’s personal skincare needs. The technologically-forward bar will feature 3 iPad stations where customers can fully explore at leisure.


Taking its cues from Biotherm’s Beauty from the Deep, the Biotherm flagship boutique at TANGS invites you to dive into an aquatic skincare universe. The visual design tells the unique story at the heart of Biotherm’s new universe; the use of aquatic ingredients from the world’s living waters to create efficient, pleasurable skin care products to meet the lifestyle needs of today’s men and women. A visually impactful voyage through the multiple facets of an inviting and peaceful underwater environment where people can explore, learn and test Biotherm’s most recent innovations.

Splashed in contrasting blues and whites, the dark blue units at floor level become lighter as it goes up, creating the effect of water heading to the surface. The boutique features metallic-panelled silver ceilings to complement the giant bubble installations and counters, mirroring sunshine glinting on the ocean. Even the counters and furniture designs carry distinct curves, as if smoothed by waves.

Biotherm Homme adapts different hues of dark silvers and granite greys as the colour of their units, allowing for a smooth aesthetic transition between the men’s and women’s products.

Korea’s number one beauty brand, Sulwhasoo, arrives in Singapore exclusively through TANGS, having recognised the retail icon as a credible platform for the best beauty brands. TANGS Beauty will be the first store to host Sulwhasoo’s new look, mixing elegance, tradition and modernity for their next-generation boutiques.

The base of the concept boutique mimics Jeju stone, while the ceiling represents snowflakes gently falling, inviting the fresh bloom of the snowflower. The elegant flower motifs of the Prunus Mume, known for its beauty and elegance in the Korean culture, are a particular signature of Sulwhasoo. The design of the boutique is free-flowing and uninhibited, so as to be accessible ro anyone who wishes to browse or receive a full consultation.

shu uemura
With a completely new colour bay and colour wall, the new shu uemura boutique creates excitement in associating with the brand’s key strengths – their wide makeup offering and large colour spectrum. Going beyond that, the shu uemura boutique is also set to provide beauty shoppers in TANGS with their world-renowned services.

Featuring the first Tokyo Brow Station in Singapore, shoppers get a complete brow makeover. shu uemura specialists will help find the perfect brow design in the right shape and matching colours, suiting different faces perfectly in according to the brand’s golden rule of eyebrow styling.

Personalized eyelash services will also be offered at this boutique, providing shoppers with a wide array of options to fully customise the famous false eyelashes with personal designs, and accentuate them with accessories such as pearls and Swarovski crystals.


Inspired by powerful skin miracles rooted in crystal clarity, SK-II’s boutique at TANGS Beauty is framed by a first-ever 3-D crystal ceiling from SK-II that plays with natural light to express the miracle of Pitera™ on skin, bringing to life the key dimensions of radiance, translucence, youthfulness and luminous glow.

SK-II’s new counter also revolves around a unique “shopper-centric design” approach with a dedicated new trial fixture, Crystal Play Space – the first-ever 3,600mm play space ever introduced at a prestige beauty counter from SK-II, for shoppers to come up and close with SK-II’s newest innovations. A key highlight is its shingle tester bar whose design won a silver award at the 2010 POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) awards in Paris, the Oscar awards for design work in the skincare bar and shelf category. 

Check out  TANGS Website, or join them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter @TANGS!

Christina aka Huney

FrightFest Halloween Looks

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For the FrightFest Media Preview, I dressed up as Medusa. Thanks to Singapore Flyer, I was awarded the Best Dressed (also coz alot did not dress up...). So here's a short feature on how I made Medusa come alive....

Makeup was mainly focussed on using different tones of green and gold. To create the snake skin effect, I dabbed eyeshadow over my face using stockings. Give your eyebrows a defined arc and eyeliner has to be pulled back for the snakey eye effect.

Let's look at the hair.

If I had more time I would have tried to poof my hair more to give it more volume so that I can create a more princess style hair. I didn't have much time, so I only went to Daiso to get more hair volume aiding "gadgets".

This is a volume bun. Add it to you usual bun for the extra volume.
More hair volume.
And then, I had 4 strands of these ponytails going round my bun to act as more volume as well as a stand for me to hold the little rubber snakes.
These rubber snakes took me a week to locate. Apparently these childhood toys are pretty much gone....
Paired with chunky accessories, maxi dress and sandals. I was pretty much done.

And then, of course I had to have snake skin nails too. But I guess I overdid with the glitter polish? Can you see the snake scale pattern?

So, I shall end the post with more photos of the characters I met at the FrightFest. Maybe you guys will get some inspiration for your Halloween dress up?

I hope this post helps. Show me your Halloween looks ya?

Christina aka Huney