FrightFest Halloween Looks

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For the FrightFest Media Preview, I dressed up as Medusa. Thanks to Singapore Flyer, I was awarded the Best Dressed (also coz alot did not dress up...). So here's a short feature on how I made Medusa come alive....

Makeup was mainly focussed on using different tones of green and gold. To create the snake skin effect, I dabbed eyeshadow over my face using stockings. Give your eyebrows a defined arc and eyeliner has to be pulled back for the snakey eye effect.

Let's look at the hair.

If I had more time I would have tried to poof my hair more to give it more volume so that I can create a more princess style hair. I didn't have much time, so I only went to Daiso to get more hair volume aiding "gadgets".

This is a volume bun. Add it to you usual bun for the extra volume.
More hair volume.
And then, I had 4 strands of these ponytails going round my bun to act as more volume as well as a stand for me to hold the little rubber snakes.
These rubber snakes took me a week to locate. Apparently these childhood toys are pretty much gone....
Paired with chunky accessories, maxi dress and sandals. I was pretty much done.

And then, of course I had to have snake skin nails too. But I guess I overdid with the glitter polish? Can you see the snake scale pattern?

So, I shall end the post with more photos of the characters I met at the FrightFest. Maybe you guys will get some inspiration for your Halloween dress up?

I hope this post helps. Show me your Halloween looks ya?

Christina aka Huney


  1. Shalyn said...:

    Where did you buy the snakes from? I've been searching for them for weeks! Do let me know! My number is +65 9661 2536. I urgently need them!

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