Halloween Look - Zombified with Bursting Veins

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I was looking for ideas to create the scariest Halloween look and I stumbled upon this amazing look that was featured in M.A.C.'s Halloween Face Off Challenge with Snooki. The 2 makeup artists won the challenge and I found it super scary!


The whole idea behind this concept is to create a scary and eerie feel when closing the model's eyes. She must look as though she had no pupil and without the help of crazy hurtful contact lenses, I tried to replicate the look.

Mine's not as scary as what the makeup artists have done. But I think I created my own scary zombified look. This is the result of my sleepless nights! Wahahahahahaahaha!


So here's a video on how I created the look and hope you guys can learn a trick or 2. What's your Halloween idea this year?

Christina aka Huney


  1. Wow !! really very scary look with Halloween crazy contact lenses. It looks glowing with the make up.

  1. Hi Halloween Contacts! That's a great idea!!

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