Etude House Season 2 Store @ Wisma Atria

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On National Day - 09 Aug 2012, Etude House at Wisma Atria reopens after a major face lift. Called Season 2 store, not only doesit have the newest products, the prices are better and they even offer the latest Makeup trends. That day, goodies were given away as well as makeover sessions. The top giveaway would be the SHINee autographed CD and fans queued since 6am.
The store opened at 9am and there was already a huge crowd. Too bad, I wasn't the lucky few to get the CD, but a very nice fan let me take a photo of her "prize".

*Scream scream scream!!!!*
Minho was there for the opening too! :X

Wah pretty glass figurines dancing under the chandelier. So pretty...

I love the new store concept. It's so clean and tidy, even though there's lesser pink, I still feel a lot like a princess in there.

Psst, that's Yu Xi, I've been buying items from her at Etude House. Her service is great! Not only does she share tips, I will always ask her to contact me when there's new collection. :)

WAH! Nail polishes! I wan them all!

A bunch of pretty Korean ladies appeared in black and walked into the stores. For awhile, everyone in the queue were asking which Kpop band are they. Even Etude House's makeup artists look so good!

OMG! I wan this dressing table!

OK! Let's take a look at my purchases. Miminum spending already.  >.<|||
Left: Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream (With additional sponge applicator), 2 bottles of Mascara Remover, Pale Blue with Multi Coloured Glitter Nail Polish, Tear Eyeliner (#4 Sunny Teardrops), Sweet 7 Way Buffer for Nails, Proof 10 Liquid Liner ( OR201), Under Lash False Lashes.
The water bottle was a gift for spending over $60.

The eye-liner is a beautiful orange gold tinge that can brighten the eyelids or even add that little sparkle when you blink...

I use this for undereye lining, not as strong as a white liner, but can still widen eyes...

The BB Cream is very much like their Precious Mineral BB Cream, except this has a SPF 50+/PA+++ with Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Darkening formula. It's easy to blend and keeps me protected under the sun with its waterproof formula!

Being part of the first 89 customer giveaway, I received a Makeup Bag upon purchase! Inside, there was not only samples, there was also a travel set, just nice for my upcoming trip....

For more Etude House info, go to:

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