[Tried & Tested] It's The Peri Tint!

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Hi Huneybees,

Korean cosmetics have really been getting more and more popular with the KPOP scene, so here's introducing the latest from Peripera, their latest 3 Lip Tint series in 8 exciting new shades!

Peripera have always been packaged and sold as the fresh, bright, stylish beauty line that I adore as you all know I'm always about colours! Dressed in illustrations created by Korean pop artist Mari Kim, whose artwork also appeared in a 2NE1 music video, these lip tints are definitely a delight to look at. I received 2 of the products - Tint Marker (Orange Stain 2) and Tint Crayon (Fruity Mint 3).

The Tint Market works like a marker you would use on the board. It's easy to apply and helps to outline the lips with the fine end. The colour is enough with one application and I like that it doesn't fade off that easily. Formulated with Vitamin E, peach and orange water, it isn’t creamy or glossy and has a lovely dewy shine.
At first, when I opened the package, I was shocked to find such extreme colours. Bright Orange and a Minty Green for lips? Wow!

The Tint Crayon is extremely moisturising with it's almond and jojoba oil. I brought it with me on my overseas trip and it kept my lips looking supple and softer looking. 

But when I tried it on my hands, I have to say I fell in love with them, especially the Tint Crayon. It turned pink with the warmth of my hand and it was so glossy and moisturizing. In fact, both products go well to create the latest makeup trend - "Bitten Lips".

I simply applied the Tint Crayon all over my lips and had the Tint Marker on the inner parts of my lips, creating that ombre fading look. It makes my lips so much softer and kissable and with this look, my lips look even more prominent and fuller as though I had some lip plumping gloss on.

These 2 babies retail at S$14.90 and are exclusively available at Watsons.
Have fun!


[What's New] It's Time For The All New Tsubaki

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Hi Huneybees,

I came back from my Thailand trip and Cheryl was so sweet to extend an invitation to bring me along to the launch of the all new Tsubaki hair product range. Just what I need! I want to look like those Japanese models on the poster - Mizuhara Kiko (Fashion Model/Actress), Kojima Haruna (Member of AKB48), Ebihara Yuri (Fashion Model/TV Personality) and Anne (Fashion Model/Musician/Writer/Radio DJ).

About Tsubaki

  • Launched in 2006
  • Leading hair care market in Japan
  • Record total number of shipments of over 270 million units

I was dressed for the theme (Yellow, Red and White) to suit their range of hair products and upon arriving, I was asked to sign off my hair woes. Being the perfectionist Virgo, I am tough and strict when it comes to beauty, I literally picked everything as I wanted the perfect hair.... (Dull looking hair, dry and brittle hair, fine hair, itchy and/or sensitive scalp, hair lacks shine and frizzy ends).
There was also several activities going on before the presentation started. One was a Polaroid taking and designing section, memory games for some lovely prizes as well as personal illustrations by 2 talented artists.
Artists - Sharon Yang Ge and Teresa Lim

Cheryl and I both got our portraits done by Sharon and that really made me missed painting. I began picking up the brushes again on my next trip overseas. But I'll leave it for the next blog post...

Ok. So now it's time to present the leading stars...

For the new range of Tsubaki Hair products, they are divided into 3 categories: In red packaging - Shining (For silky manageable hair with satiny smooth texture), in white packaging - Damage Care (Deeply repairs dry and brittle hair for silky smoothness from the roots to the ends) and in yellow packaging - Head Spa (For lustrously resilient hair with volume from the roots).

For all ranges:
  • New packaging keeps the original shape and features a softer design
  • The 500ml bottle features a shrink-wrap outer package that is easily torn off
  • They contain Arginine, a melanin holes repair ingredient
  • Contains a UV protective ingredient 
  • Contains Camellia Oil (which is Tsubaki in Japanese *It's the brand, of course it has to be in there!*)

Shining Range

Damage Care Range
Head Spa Range

The full range will be available at Watsons exclusively from 4 July 2013 and here's the price of the various items...

  • Shining Shampoo / Conditioner: $17.90 (550ml), $8.90 (220ml)
  • Shining Treatment: $15.90 (200g)
  • Shining Mask: $19.90 (180g)
  • Damage Care Shampoo / Conditioner: $18.90 (550ml), $9.90 (220ml)
  • Damage Care Treatment: $16.90 (200g)
  • Damage Care Mask: $21.90 (180g)
  • Head Spa Shampoo / Conditioner: $19.90 (550ml)
  • Head Spa Extra Cleansing: $15.90 (280ml)
  • Head Spa Hair Mask: $22.90 (180g)
I brought home the Shining Range and I can't wait to get started on the new Tsubaki range for that silky hair, like those of Kojima Haruna. Kireii ne ~   ✿♥‿♥✿


[What's New] BioNike - Defence Elixage To Beat Aging Skin

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Hi Huneybees,

BioNike (pronounced as bee-yo-nee-kay) is a brand that pioneered the production of dermatological cosmetics in Italy. Specializing in the research, formulation, production & marketing of skincare and beauty products for sensitive, allergic & reactive skin. 

Boasting that their products are PRESERVATIVE-FREE, FRAGRANCE -FREE, GLUTEN-FREE and NICKEL TESTED (which rarely brands list on their ingredients list).

Nickel is not an ingredient of cosmetics, it is a contaminant. It is not shown in the ingredient list on the cosmetic product packaging, thus consumers do not have the chance to know whether a product contains nickel or not, UNLESS THE PRODUCT STATES IT IS FREE OF NICKEL.

I knew this hyper sensitive skin of mine, needed a little pampering when I was invited to BioNike’s recent product launch at the Chameleon Club in Dempsey Road. The event proved to be benefiting and I learnt a lot about skin allergy...

Under the BioNike brand, ICIM International srl markets a comprehensive range of lines to offer all possible cosmetic solutions to customers. Triderm, Proxera and Acnet are long-standing cosmetic lines targeting medical skin conditions such as eczema, xerosis and acne. These lines are supported extensively by doctors, who prescribe them to their patients. The DEFENCE range includes a number of lines from skin care (anti-ageing, make-up) to body care, male skin care, sun protection, etc.

At the event, Singapore idol runner up - Tabitha Nauser performed for us. She's been a BioNike user, check out her glowing skin!

The event that day also marked the launch of BioNike's latest range - DEFENCE ELIXAGE

It is made with cutting-edge formulations that combine the exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E. complex to strongly revitalise the skin through an "ELIXIR OF YOUTH" effect.


It is an extensive range of products that target at reducing fine lines and wrinkles, returning elasticity to the skin, improve the complexion and retain moisture to the skin. Here's a list of the products that they have...

DEFENCE ELIXAGE ELIXIR - Regenerating Fluid (SGD 349)

This is an intensive treatment of concentrated vital energy. It stimulates the natural production of structural skin components, promotes natural skin regeneration and strengthens its defence mechanisms.

DEFENCE ELIXAGE SATIN - Regenerating Cream (SGD 339)

Used as a day cream, the Regenerating Cream promotes the skin's natural regeneration mechanism, enhances the repair processes and counters damage from free radicals. It is best used with the Elixir Fluid to enhance the results.

DEFENCE ELIXAGE VELOURS - Nutri-Regenerating Cream (SGD 349)

Suitable for night use, the Nutri-Regenerating Cream works the same as the Regenerating Cream, and with additional selected lipid ingredients derived from avocado and shea nut, it provides instant and long-lasting comfort even to very dry and aged skin.


The eyes and lips tend to be the neglected areas and with the Eye-Lip Balm, you can target those areas to leave the skin toned and supple, nourishing the delicate thin eye and lip contour areas. It even provides an immediately perceived filler effect!


Working as a treatment for the skin, the mask is suitable for all skin types, even the very dry ones. It is ultra creamy and enriched with precious dermo-protective oils to further protect and enhance the skin.

DEFENCE ELIXAGE - Food Supplement (SGD 108)

Other than treatment on the outside, they also have the supplement that compliments from the inside. With a balanced formula of Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium, one tablet a day after meals help reduce the basal levels of free radicals and increases the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) by 77.5% after a month use.

I was given some of the products from the DEFENCE ELIXAGE range and I will be trying them out.
Be sure to check back for the review of them...

Where to buy BioNike?

The Spa-Lon:
Tiong Bahru Plaza - 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-08, Singapore 168732 Tel: 6276 6313
Choa Chu Kang - 304 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-661, Singapore 680304 Tel: 6891 0030 / 6891 0060
East Point Mall - 3 Simei St 6, #05-10, Singapore 528833 Tel: 6783 3773 / 6783 2594 
CHIJMES - 30 Victoria Street, #02-02/04/05 Caldwell House, Singapore 187996 Tel: 6837 0131
CITY SQUARE MALL - 180 Kitchener Road, #03-01 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

Available exclusively at the Guardian outlets

BioNike Singapore FB
The Spa Lon FB
Guardian Singapore FB