[What's New] Go Social With bellabox November 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

Another month of amazing beauty surprise have arrived at my doorsteps. The November bellabox themed as "Insta-Glam". In this new age where selfies and wefies are abundant, it is inevitable to good all the time, so, this month's box is dedicated to give you the instant BAM, letting your hair look shiny and silky smooth, give you glowing skin as well as some little makeup gadgets to glam it all up!

So, what's in the box?
  1. COASTAL SCENTS Revealed Palette
  2. SLEEK Dip It Duo Liner Mascara in 24 Karat
  3. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil
    This luxurious oil treatment can be used on hair, face and body for the instant moisture needed for your skin and hair.
  4. Salcura Antiac Activ Liquid Spray
    A hassle-free anti-scne spray packed with a multi-action anti-bacterial formula for born-again skin clarity.
  5. Intercosmo Il Magnifico (The Magnificent)
    This multipurpose treatment hair spray blends the consistency and properties of a mask woth the convenience and speed of a spray.
  6. Theresa Beauty & Slimming - Skeyndor Caresse Body Serum
    Skeyndor, a brand endorsed by Theresa helps you sculpt the body with this cream whilst infused with the fragrance of roses and orchids.
  7. Bonus: Cathay Doll Sweet Dream Watersplash Essence With L-Gluthathione
    This innovative essence instantly whitens and injects intense moisture into your skin for long lasting effects all day. The cream transforms into mineral water droplets and gets absorbed into the skin with gentle and soothing nourishment.

From the box, I have 2 of my favourites: COASTAL SCENTS Revealed Palette and the SLEEK Dip It Duo Liner Mascara in 24 Karat. Coz I'm a makeup addict, these products really made my eyes pop when I opened the box.

Though the Coastal Scents eyeshadows were small, but I really love that it is easy to carry around. This brand has always been highly raved and I know why once I've swatched them. Just one swipe and this is the kind of colour payoff I got on my hand. I bet this will last me for awhile.

These 4 complimentary earth tones are great to go from day look to a girl's night out and they go well with every skin tone. It has to got to be a must have for everyone!

And whilst on the topic of convenience, the SLEEK Dip It Duo Liner Mascara in 24 Karat is another must have in my pouch. One side if your conventional black mascara and whilst on the other end is a 24 karat liquid eyeliner in gold. The gold would make your eyes pop and will definitely go well with the Coastal Scents shades.

So, which items you've received in your November's bellabox? Which is your favourite? Be sure to share it on the special on-going Snap-and-Win contest for the month of November. Since the theme of the month is all about getting social, it's time to go social and start sharing too!

All you need to do is to snap and upload a picture of your favourite November product or products along with the infocard (that's why you can see a cutting mark on the front of the infocard. Get creative!) on IG, FB or Twitter using the hashtag #bellaboxasia and stand to win 1 of 3 limited edition bellaboxes worth $100 each! Contest ends on 14th December 2014, midnight!

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[What's New] Etude House Launches Festive Collection - PINK WISH TREE

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Hi Huneybees,

My favourite Korean beauty brand - Etude House has launched a new collection just in time for the festive season. Come decked in gold, green and my favourite shocking pink, I knew I had to get this collection, once a little bird tipped me saying that it is already in stores!

In the 'PINK WISH TREE' collection, you can find their infamous Precious Mineral Any Cushion, Kissfull Lip Care trio set, Moistfull Collagen Cream, Moistfull Super Collagen Cream, Hand Bouquet Hand Creams and Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Body Set

The Moistfull Collagen Creams are specially packed in a tube instead of their usual tub. Not only are they upsized, this tube version, makes it more hygienic, easier to store and dispense. Agree?

But what better way to beautify yourself, than to give back to charity? When you purchase from the 'PINK WISH TREE' collection, you will receive these Wish cards for you to write your wishes on. For each wish card, Etude House will donate 100KRW  to 'Save the Children' in Korea, to help provide educational opportunities for girls in African Countries this Christmas! The pink and green elastic band is for you to keep.

So, what did I get from the collection?  Kissfull Lip Care trio set and Precious Mineral Any Cushion. I got the Pink Precious Mineral Any Cushion, though my shade was suppose to be the green cover, but I really prefer the pink cover more. Anyone looking for N02 refill? Hehehehe...

The Kissfull Lip Care trio set was a fun one to have. I got it with my girlfriends and since we each had our own favourites, we easily each chose one. My favourite is the gold one, translucent, yet providing the lips with moisture with a soft peach scent. Green has strawberry scent whilst the pink is cherry with a slight tint of pinkness.

This collection is already in stores islandwide and I bet they will make such lovely gifts for your friends, families and colleagues.

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[What's New] Let Down Your Hair With BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Fragrance

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Hi Huneybees,

I can never resist getting perfumes. I love how so much thought are put into a small bottle of fragrance, the packagings' are always so beautiful, it makes you feel like a fairy amongst the flora....

I'm always delighted to receive fragrances at my doorsteps and to add on to my collection of Hugo Boss Parfum (BOSS NUIT and BOSS JOUR Pour Femme), is BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme. A fragrance for the off duty sophisticated and independent ladies who just want to indulge in the simple moments in life, exuding a glow of feminity and confidence as she struts.

The bottle is the same tall sleek bottle as BOSS NUIT and Boss JOUR, with a lively dusty pink to differentiate It is a beautiful floral scent with top notes of cactus blossom, heart notes of pink fresia and jasmine petals, blended together with rose buds; and base notes of cedarwood

The focus of this new fragrance is the Cactus BlossomWith the aim to ‘reinvent and modernise floral green notes with a delicate pink twist’, the cactus with it’s delicate pink blossoms madde to the top with its fresh, feminine and floral softness.

Its lingering scent lasts throughout the day, allowing me to go from work to play without having the need to keep spritzing the perfume. It would definitely make a great Christmas present this festive season... :)

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[What's New] Getting All Styled Up For Beckham

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Hi Huneybees,

So, what does one do when going to see football sensation - David Beckham? DRESS UP! I head down to MONSOON at Novena Square early to see Joanne and got her to help me style my hair for this dreamy man...

As usual, I had a relaxing shampoo moment and got my hair straightened. Then fun part comes next...

I leave my hair to Joanne to style however she liked and she used a new technique that she just learnt. What was it? I was curious coz she first had my hair parted and tied a ponytail with the rest. Then she released my parting and starting braiding, so I was like "Oh! Waterfall braiding?".

"No way hosay!" This was definitely another level from that. See the final "artpiece"! I had my hair braided and then pulled back and ended with a flower bun. How she did it?! I was totally in love with it and I couldn't bear to remove that night. I kept asking my hubby to take more pictures. You have to see the top, the back, the sides. OMG! It was gorgeous 360°!

If you have a function to attend, be sure to head down to Monsoon Hair House in Novena Square and make an appointment with Joanne! :)

Monsoon @ Novena Square 
Add: 238 Thomson Road
Tel: +65 6333 5586

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[What's New] Quit Being A CHECK-Aholic With The Newly Improved Kotex Luxe & Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin

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Hi Huneybees,

Everyone always tell me that they dread those few days every month, they feel so uncomfortable, so insecure and they tend to stay home. They become so scared of staining their clothes, do not dare to wear white and have become CHECK-aholics, just to make sure they do not "make a fool" of themselves.

Why? Why? Why? These monthly visits are inevitable, why torture yourselves over it? I always say  everything boils down to their choice of sanitary pads. Once you get it right, you can simply go about your usual routines without worries.

Just like mobile phones, the pads are getting bigger and longer, but the most important factor is the absorption feature. As long as the discharge get absorbed fast enough, you can simply feel dry and comfortable all day long!

Say hi to Kotex Luxe and Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin. They are the new and improved sanitary pads from Kotex that promises 3 times faster absorption power. All thanks to the New Honeycomb Liquid Locker and the New Rapid Absorb Core, they can absorb faster and rapidly lock away excess fluid.

At the launch event, we were shown how different the pads are from the Singapore's leading brand in ultrathin sanitary pads. I bet you guys will be as surprised as me.

Here's a demo by Joey Peralta, Head of Research & Development for ASEAN, Kimberly-Clark. The liquid is made to stimulate the discharge, but if you are afraid of blood, you might want to see my other blog posts. :)

These 2 pads look almost similarly thin, but look what happens when 3 layers of the red liquid is dropped on them simultaneously....

Straight after dropping the liquid on the pads, tissues were laid onto and equivalent weights were pressed on. The tissue that was on Brand X's pad was still stained whilst the Kotex one is not. This goes to show, you can feel comfortable and dry all day long with no worries at all. I did the demo for myself and you can see from the photos, how fast the absorption is...

At the event, Viola Tan (co-founder of Love, Bonito) also shared the white outfits from her label. She shared about how to wear white and look good for everyday, from work to play. See how these ladies from Kimberly-Clark wear them. :)

I was more interested in the makeup demo by Andrea Claire (founder of AClaire Beauty) though. She has worked with several magazines and she shared her tips with us.

Tackling the cateye liner can be tricky and especially more so when the trend now is to add a fresh new pop of colour to the peepers. How to do it well and fuss-free? Either have a business card or scotch tape. Simply line them up with your bottom eyeline, even if you exceed the line, when you peel off the tape, you get a perfect straight line!

Then to make the eyes more awake, have a thin black eyeline nearer to your lashline and don't forget your upper lash line.

Tadah! The perfect colour eyeliner!
Another trick Andrea shared, was red glittery lips. It is high maintenance to have it throughout the night, but if you get it right, it is super gorgeous.

To get it, line your lips and fill it in with the lipliner, then have the perfect shade of red lipstick to go with your skintone all over your lips. The trick to get the red glitter to stick to your lips is to pat your lip brush with some lip gloss and pick up those glitter, slowly pat them on your lips till you get those puckers all glittery.

If you have glitter fallouts, simply use the scotch tape to tape them up. The lips are done easily and you can go ahead party on, but on problem is that, you can't eat with those lips though.... :X

I can totally quit being a CHECK-aholic with the  all new and improved Kotex Luxe and Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin. I hope you ladies will like them too. Here's to comfy days!

The Kotex Luxe and Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin has an average price of $5.95* per pack and is available at all leading hyper/supermarkets and personal care stores across Singapore.

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