[Makeup Tutorial] Last Minute Halloween Looks

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I have been trying out looks for Halloween and these are some simple ones, that you can do within an hour or less. More for the last minute call to costume party, but better made up than going with none right?

1) Little corner eye deco

Just do your usual makeup and end it all with a little deco at the corner of your eyes. I signed my name with the Maybelline's Hypersharp Eyeliner. Don't just stop there. There are so many designs to explore - butterflies, heart shapes, bubbles, etc. The eyeliner is an amazing tool.

2) Edge of Glory inspired look.

Lady Gaga is so in and in the recent year, I've seen more Gaga's than her appearance on TV! Here's my take on her "Edge of Glory" MTV look. I guess you can even use the look for Cleopatra. Agree?

Different strokes for each eye.

Here's how I achieved the look:

3) Madonna Inspired Look

4) Dolly Face

I have done a previous makeup tutorial on how to create big dolly, anime eyes. Do check it out here. http://colourhuney.blogspot.com/2011/07/huge-anime-eyes.html

Hope these looks can inspire you or even help on your last minute costume plan. Happy Halloween and have fun!

XOXO, Christina aka Huney

[Sponsored Post] Biotherm's SKIN.ERGETIC

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The modern woman these days are strong, creative, and always multi-tasking between work and home, playing different roles. Always so much to do, but so little time. They wished for more hands and speed, and tend to suffer from fatigue. I am one good example. :(

With fatigue, comes signs of bad skin and that's when people start telling you, you look tired and aged. But how to combat that? How to be efficient at work and still look amazing? 

Well, SKIN.ERGETIC is here to save the day!

There are no proper skincare solutions to resolve the signs of fatigue and thus alot of us simply had to live with moisturizers or anti aging formulas, which might not work effectively. And now, the wonderful people of Biotherm has come up with this new product, Skin-ergetic to provide and ultra-effective solution for erasing the visible signs of tired skin!

Thanks to CozyCot and Biotherm, I got the chance to learn more about the product and get to try it before sharing the good news with you guys!

Other bloggers grabbing a shot of the bottle...
I shan't make you guys read so much and so, I've done a video, intro a little of the product, what is it about and how to use it...

This is what's in the box.

Capsule before use.

When the powdered Sulforaphane are all in.

See that there are lesser obvious line? I swear it's nothing manipulate by computer softwares! The product smells fresh and so easily absorbed that you can see the results immediately! Still not convinced? Then check out this video of a comparison on an apple. One's with SKIN.ERGETIC and one's without. Then you will now why I'm sticking to this product!

I've already been using SKIN.ERGETIC Serum for roughly a week now. And I simply love it! My skin's super radiant now and when I go out, little makeup is needed. My face just glow even without the help of hightlighting powder! It's like MAGIC! Such a small bottle can work huge difference for my skin!

Here's some ways how to include SKIN.ERGETIC Serum into your daily routine and also steps as to how to rub the serum and detoxify as it gets absorbed into the skin...

The steps are a little different for day and night.

I'm enticed by it's refreshing, fruity scent and as it has been tested on sensitive skin, 99% natural product, I didn't have to worry much about rashes or break outs.

Thank you Biotherm for the beautiful plant.

Well, the product may be one thing, but it's still best if we could sleep early, eat right and definitely with Skin.ergetic, everyone can look radiant and glowing! Take care ~

SKIN.ERGETIC Serum is retailing at $99 (50ml) at all Biotherm counters in leading department stores and Sephora.

XOXO, Christina aka Huney

[Sponsored Post] Melt all your makeup away

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After a hard day's work or shopping, all you want when reaching home, is a fast and easy way to remove all the makeup in seconds, then fall straight into bed. Agree?

Let me introduce you guys to Meltie! - The Ice Cream Melting Cleanser. It's not something you can eat, but it's like ice cream, smoothing and makes a girl happy! :)

See what came for me in the mail?
Such bright and cheerful colour!
A little intro and directions...
See how there's NO Alcohol, NO Artficial Oils, NO Petro-Chemicals, NO Synthetic Ingredients? Works perfectly on people with sensitive skin like me...
I shan't say too much, let my video do the talking.....

My Review:

Meltie! comes in 3 Melticious flavours - Strawberry, Lemon and Aloe Vera. Nothing different about them, just that they are made with different fruit/plant extracts. I love the smell of the refreshing Lemon, sweet and bright colours just make me happy!

I would totally recommend Meltie! to you guys. It removes makeup (EVEN WATERPROOF/WATER RESISTANT MAKEUP) fast and no hard scrubbing is needed! I originally use, cleansing oil to remove my eye makeup and then wipes for my face, then use a facial cleanser to wash my face. Now, everything is done with just 0.5g of the cream! Come home, rub a little of the cream and Voilah! I'm off to bed ~

And the most important of it all, I have super smooth skin after using it for a week. I'm so totally gona stick to Meltie! for removing makeup and cleansing my face!

Meltie! can be purchased off their website http://www.meltie.com.sg/ or at all SaSa outlets in Singapore from November at an introductory price of S$23.90 per tub ~
Get yours soon and tell me what you think about the product k?

Christina aka Huney