[Makeup Tutorial] Last Minute Halloween Looks

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I have been trying out looks for Halloween and these are some simple ones, that you can do within an hour or less. More for the last minute call to costume party, but better made up than going with none right?

1) Little corner eye deco

Just do your usual makeup and end it all with a little deco at the corner of your eyes. I signed my name with the Maybelline's Hypersharp Eyeliner. Don't just stop there. There are so many designs to explore - butterflies, heart shapes, bubbles, etc. The eyeliner is an amazing tool.

2) Edge of Glory inspired look.

Lady Gaga is so in and in the recent year, I've seen more Gaga's than her appearance on TV! Here's my take on her "Edge of Glory" MTV look. I guess you can even use the look for Cleopatra. Agree?

Different strokes for each eye.

Here's how I achieved the look:

3) Madonna Inspired Look

4) Dolly Face

I have done a previous makeup tutorial on how to create big dolly, anime eyes. Do check it out here. http://colourhuney.blogspot.com/2011/07/huge-anime-eyes.html

Hope these looks can inspire you or even help on your last minute costume plan. Happy Halloween and have fun!

XOXO, Christina aka Huney


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