[What's New] Join The Pitera™ House event happening at TANGS from 1st to 11th August

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Hi Huneybees,

pitera house

This August 2, SK-II celebrates the miracle of Pitera™ by tracing its beginnings and latest discoveries at the SK-II Pitera™ House. Come on down discover the birth of SK-II and its unique history.

And fans of MediaCorp artistes, Rebecca Lim and Qi Yu Wu, you definitely have to come down! They will be making special appearances!

Details of the event below:
Venue: Tangs Orchard, Level 1
Time: 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm
The Pitera™ House event happening at TANGS begins from 1st to 11th August.


[What's New] KIEHL’S GIVES WITH ELLE & 4 Socially Responsible Celebrity Partners Charity Event

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Hi Huneybees,

Over the weekend, I was invited to Kiehl's Charity Event at the newly revamped Suntec City. It was held in support of Autism Association (Singapore). Over 50 years ago, their second generation founding-family member, Mr. Aaron Morse established the Mission of Kiehl’s in saying: “A worthwhile firm must have a purpose for its existence…to improve in some way the quality of the community to which it is committed.”

This July, Kiehl’s is proud to extend its relationship with the Autism Association (Singapore). 100% of the nett proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque 142g will be donated to raise awareness for the children. If you want to read more about the masque, here's my review for it...

So, this year’s local charity initiative is anunique collaboration with ELLE Singapore and four celebrity partners, George Young (FLY Entertainment Artiste), Michelle Chong (Director/Host/Actress), Mike Kasem and Jean Danker (Class95 Radio DJs). Three Limited Edition designs will be adorning the caps of our Rare Earth Masques which will be on sale from 1st July 2013 at $45 each.

At the event, we got to hear from Sharon Lim from ELLE Singapore as well as Evelyne Ly from Kiehl's Singapore about the collaboration. Brenda Tan was also invited on stage to talk about her book "Come Into My World". She has a boy with autism and this book comes with 31 stories that voices the hopes and fears of many families. They  are true accounts contributed by Moms, Dads, siblings and autistic persons themselves.

Evelyne Ly from Kiehl's Singapore
Brenda Tan, Author of "Come Into My World"
Sharon Lim from ELLE Singapore

“We are honored to be the first magazine in Singapore to collaborate with Kiehl's on this amazing annual charity project — especially with ELLE Singapore celebrating its 20th anniversary in Singapore this year. ELLE and Kiehl’s Gives Back chose to focus on women with autistic children, a group that is often under the radar and one that we feel needs our help and support.
The personalities participating this year have a special connection with ELLE Singapore: They have all been past winners of the annual ELLE Awards which honors the best talent in Singapore. George Young, Michelle Chong and Class 95FM’s Cartunes duo Jean Danker and Mike Kasem are role models in their own right. Their designs reflect this year's theme — Love. Joy. Happiness — and celebrate community, values which could be easily forgotten in in a busy city like Singapore. As always, we hope people will give generously. I can’t think of a better way to look good and do good.” --- Sharon Lim, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE 

“Autism is something very close to my heart. I’ve got two brothers who’ve been diagnosed with autism, one on the severe side and one on the moderate to severe side on the autism spectrum. It was an o bvious choice for me. I worked with Kiehl’s last year on this, and I’m glad to work with Kiehl’s and ELLE this year as well. I hope the products sell really well and get money for the Autism Association here in Singapore.” --- George Young, FLY Entertainment Artiste

“My friend’s niece is autistic. Every time I went to her house she would run around after her shower and wouldn’t want to wear her clothes, but she’s very good with languages. So I think it’s important to help all these kids because they’re all special in their own right.” --- Michelle Chong, Director/ Host/ Actress

“This is a really creative way of creating awareness for autism in Singapore. We had a lot of fun designing for Kiehl’s.” --- Jean Danker, Class95 Radio DJ
“I have first-hand experience of close friends who have an autistic child, so for me this is close to my heart and very special to me, and I’m very glad Jean and I can do our part and help with autism." --- Mike Kasem, Class95 Radio DJ
Do drop by the new Kiehl's store at Suntec City or any of their branches to do your part for the Autism Association (Singapore). Let me say this again, 100% of the nett proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque 142g will be donated to raise awareness for the children. 

Here's also some other products from Kiehl's that you might want to check out...

For more information, visit Kiehl's Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/KiehlsSG


[Tried & Tested] Beat The Blur With 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM

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Hi Huneybees,

I've had Astigmatism since childhood and my vision has always been blur, as though I am in some Matrix movie where I'm always seeing doubles. My vision is only clear when I wear my glasses and because of vanity reasons, I do not wear them most of the time.

What's worse is ever since I got to wear coloured contact lens 2 years ago, I simply wear them to beautify my eyes and showoff my makeup skills, I literally wore the lens in 0 degrees, and not wear my glasses until I know I am "safely" home.

So basically, this happens to me most of the time...

It is super embarrassing when it is not only about missing the bus. I tend to overlook alot of things, like recognizing the wrong people or even ignoring my friends! It is the most excruciating during sales time, when I have to strain my eyes just to make sure I am getting the best deal out the dress I'm eyeing on! 

No way! It's time I say No! I'm gona Beat the Blur with HEALTHY EYES just like Aloysius Pang ((lifestyle blogger and up-and-coming actor) ), the ambassador for 1•DAYACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM. I was invited to the launch event and I even got to give it a test, where I'm fully converted now...

From Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) Singapore comes the 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM. At the event, Ms Esther Seah, Senior Brand Manager for Singapore & Malaysia Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, shared that most of the people (in fact 64% of contact lens wearers) do not realise that they have astigmatism and tend to increase  their myopia power of their existing contact lenses in an attempt to see clearly. Such ‘masking’ not only does not correct their astigmatism, it may also potentially worsen their symptoms!

Acuvue has worked closely with the Institutions of learning, Health and Regulatory Authorities, Associations and Eye Care Professionals, to raise awareness to Astigmatism. Not only have they launched the 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM, they have also worked with their ambassador - Aloysius Pang with the ‘Beat the Blur with HEALTHY Eyes’ astigmatism campaign.

1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM ambassadorAloysius Pang sharing with us his experience in beating the blur.

It was kicked off on 11 July 2013 with the “Embarrassing Moments” video starring lifestyle blogger and up-and-coming actor Aloysius Pang who portrays an astigmat who did not correct his astigmatism, gets caught out by a case of mistaken identity, resulting in a series of funny yet embarrassing moments which we can all relate to. The 6-month campaign is part of JJVC’s continued drive for public education on the impact of astigmatism and how to properly correct it. You can check out more about it here.

At the event, Ms. Shirley Loh, Public Professional Affairs Manager for JJVC Singapore and a trained optometrist did a test on blogger William Tan and myself with a on-the-spot eye test. I learnt that I do not have to compromise my vision for beauty and now with the contact lens, I can now flaunt my beauty without having to cover it up with glasses or having to squint when things get blurry!

I've been wearing the 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM contact lens everyday ever since the event. It is super comfy, even though I wore them for the whole day, I do not feel the drynes in my eyes and I do not need any eye drop at all! While, that's because all ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, including 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM, comes with ACUVUE® Triple Care – Moisture, Oxygen and UV Protection – tokeep eyes healthy and comfortable all day

Even though it might be a little costly compared to those monthly coloured lens that I buy (One box of 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM (30 pieces) retails at SGD 69.00), but I like that it is daily lens, where I don't have to think storing them, cleaning them at the end of the day. I can simply remove and go straight to bed, especially on days when I'm super tired. 

I also don't have to worry about eye irritation from mishandling of the lens, fall outs from mascaras or even during the hazy days. It's hygienic, fuss free and comfortable, definitely something I don't mind spending a little more on.

Wana know if you have Astigmatism? Try these few tests...

To find out more about ‘Beat the Blur with HEALTHY Eyes’ campaign and sign up for a 5-day consecutive trial of 1•DAYACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM, visit us at www.acuvue.com.sg/beattheblur

Just a little shout out to COCOTTE for the delightful food that morning. Go try their brunches, you will fall in love with them!

Love your eyes and go for an eye check early!


[Tried & Tested] Rivecowe CC Cream Is The Must-Have Beauty Product This Summer

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Hi Huneybees,

Here's another product review all thanks to Wishtrend. Writing in words cannot express how much I'm in love with it, I had to make a video for it.

The Rivecowe CC Cream is the cream that I use daily now and I bet once you have tried you won't stop using.

A closer look at the cute icons on the packaging.

The Rivecowe CC Cream is retailing at USD25.99 for a bottle (now they have a promotion discount and retailing for USD20.99) and is exclusively available at WishTrend! http://www.wishtrend.com/beauty-steal/605--rivecowe-cc-cream-for-dark-skin-correction-convenient-cream.html.

New and existing customers can use the following code for discounts.
-Voucher Code: RFXLSCOZ (3 USD voucher / Able to combine with other voucher) 
-Expiry date: the end of 2013
-Minimum Amount to Use: Over 20 USD order

This is me with Rivecowe CC Cream on,

About Wishtrend
Wishtrend is the hub for Korean beauty secrets! It believes in sourcing the best cosmetics for its customers, not just those that have huge distribution networks and marketing budgets. To cater to the Singapore market, Wishtrend sells its products through Qoo10. You can have a look here. 

Wishtrend Singapore Facebook Page  --- https://www.facebook.com/wishtrend.sg


[Tried & Tested] Kiehl's To The Rescue!

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Hi Huneybees,

STRESS! That's the word I always hear and use. In this bustling city, who can actually be free from stress? Be it monetary, work or just simple peer pressure. All these adds up and affects our skin!

Don't you always have little breakouts or like me, red spots whenever stress is building up?
Well, the lovely people at Kiehl's is here to rescue with their latest Skin Rescuer! 

Over half of Singaporean workers (55%) say their stress levels have risen over the past year, according to workspace provider Regus’ latest research that polled over 16,000 professionals across the globe. That's why Kiehl’s see a need to introduce the new Skin Rescuer Stress Minimizing Daily Hydrator, a daily facial moisturizer that breaks skin’s stress cycle.  A first probably in the market which works to target internal stress.
“Stress is responsible for 70-90% of doctors visits—it contributes to and can even mimic all serious diseases. It’s effects are particularly harsh on the skin, causing premature aging and advancing the symptoms of every common skin condition from sensitive skin, to eczema and psoriasis, rosacea, and chronic dry skin. Until now, solutions were mainly ‘calming’ skincare products … or prescriptions. These offerings left the industry segmented, with symptoms often misdiagnosed and never attributed to the true culprit: stress.” ---  Cynthia Ackrill, MD and Fellow of The American Institute of Stress
  • Over half of Singaporean workers (55%) say their stress levels have risen over the past year, according to workspace provider Regus’ latest research that polled over 16,000 professionals across the globe
  • 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month and nearly half reported that their stress has increased in the past year. – American Psychological Association.
  • Stress levels in the workplace are rising with 6 in 10 workers in major global economies experiencing increased workplace stress. With China (86%) having the highest rise in workplace stress. – The Regus Group.
  • Alarmingly, 91% of adult Australians feel stress in at least one important area of their lives. – Lifeline Australia.
  • Australian employees are absent for an average of 3.2 working days each year through stress. This workplace stress costs the Australian economy approximately $14.2 billion. – Medibank
  • An estimated 442,000 individuals in Britain, who worked in 2007/08 believed that they were experiencing work-related stress at a level that was making them ill. – Labour Force Survey.

We can take deep breaths, incorporate yoga, and an annual vacation, but the reality remains: stress is a part of our everyday existence. So how the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer helps?

In order to efficiently combat the signs of stress on skin, Kiehl’s chemists discovered they needed to address three factors.

1. Limit the release of stress signals:
Rosa Gallica Extract: Stress is well documented to cause an inflammatory response in the body. A research team led by Carnegie Mellon University's Sheldon Cohen has found that chronic psychological stress is even associated with the body losing its ability to regulate the inflammatory response. The inflammatory response to stress signals and a weakened skin barrier can lead to visible “stressed skin” symptoms such as redness, fatigued skin, dehydration and blotchiness. In vitro data supports that Rosa Gallica Extract, sourced from the petals of the Rosa Gallica flower, limits the release of stress signals, in turn minimizing the inflammatory response and thus breaking the stress cycle.

2. Protect the skin barrier from future reactions:
Mannose: Research conducted by Columbia University’s Department of Dermatology validates 2 that it is able to strengthen and reinforce the skin barrier. A stronger skin barrier is known to reduce visible signs of stress on skin, making it less vulnerable to future, inevitable stress.
Squalane: Naturally-derived from olives, this healing botanical lipid is highly compatible with the natural oils in skin. Instantly restores and replenishes the skin barrier and is known to protect skin from dehydration. Renowned for its easily-absorbed texture, as well as for its silky after-feel.
Blend of Unique Ceramides: These lipids found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of skin cells are known to help protect and strengthen the skin barrier.

3. Treat, calm and hydrate the skin:
Chamomile Extract: Helps soothe and calm skin.
Glycerin: This humectant draws moisture from the air to increase immediate and prolonged hydration; helps skin regain its suppleness and smoothness.
Shea Butter: Naturally-derived from the African karate tree, it is a lipid known for its ability to protect skin from dehydration.

Ok,  that's a pretty lot of info, but I for one know that it works for my skin. See how red spots are covered over my face in the top picture. The itchiness stopped when I was on Day 2 of applying the cream. I apply it everyday day and night, not only does my skin feels soothed, my little red spots have stopped flaring within a week and I'm back to soother skin days! :)

The skin is the largest organ of our body, so try to de-stress and hope Kiehl's Skin Rescuer Stress Minimizing Daily Hydrator helps you too!


[What's New] Whisked Off To Changi Airport For The Launch Of SK-II Stempower Essence

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Hi Huneybees,

I am back at Changi Airport, but this time, I was not there for another vacation (I simply wana fly!), I was there for the launch of the New SK-II Stempower Essence. Formulated with the new Stem-Acanax ES Complex featuring Stem-Acanax, Pitera, Artichoke Extract and the new Kinren Extract, Stempower Essence is the latest addition to the SK-II Stempower range of anti-ageing innovations. I am so thrilled to be the first few to try the product (review will be up soon).

The event kicked off with the unveiling of the new product video on the ‘The Social Tree’, the nine-metre tall interactive installation in Terminal 1’s Central Piazza. Initially created as a platform for travellers to share their digital memories at the airport, it was used this time to promote the Stempower Essence, which was displayed on all eight touch-screen photo booths and the 64 giant 42-inch high-definition screens on the crown of the structure. SK-II is the first brand to be featured on this scale on The Social Tree

Driven by the ‘Age Does Not Matter’ philosophy, Stempower Essence is said to boost skin’s inner resilience, resulting in immediate improvement in skin texture and immediate reduction of visible pores. In just two weeks, users will see “poreless-looking, bouncy skin”. When used together with SK-II Stempower, the two products are able to provide almost +200% increase in penetration of skin active ingredients and almost +200% increase in skin’s hydration levels as compared to using Stempower alone. 

The launch event continued on the ‘Age Does Not Matter’ theme with a fashion show featuring Singapore’s top supermodels - Sheila Sim, Vivien Ong, Ivy Chngwho modelled clothes by home-grown fashion label Love Bonito and new collections of luggages from Samsonite

Models from the runway show were then invited for a beauty panel discussion, where they shared their personal concerns on ageing and their insights on why ‘Age Does Not Matter’. SK-II Beauty Trainer Cindy Cheong rounded up the session by illustrating how Stempower Essence can fit into the SK-II skincare routine and how to apply the new product in a step-by-step demonstration. 

A beauty panel comprising models and beauty icons - Sheila Sim, Vivien Ong, Ivy Chng, Serena Adsit and Viola Tan, shared their views on why “age does not matter”

After the event, I went on leaving a "mark" on The Social Tree, hopefully in years to come I can retrieve that photo and share with my loved ones whenever we visit T1.

The new SK-II Stempower Essence is available at Nuance Watson‘s stores at Changi Airport and will be available at SK-II counters at leading department stores from August 1st, 2013. Priced at S$156 (30ml) and S$224 (50ml).

Travellers will also get to enjoy a customised skin counselling service from 1 to 31 July 2013 with product recommendation from SK-II beauty consultants when they shop at Perfumes & Cosmetics Departure stores at Changi Airport Terminal 1. 

Passengers shopping during this period will receive a seven-piece gift set with purchase of S$590 (US$460) worth of SK-II products (excluding sets). A complimentary Facial Treatment Mask will also be given away with every purchase of a 50ml bottle of the new SK-II Stempower Essence.