[What's New] Menicon Launches World's Thinnest Daily Disposable Contact Lens “Miru” in Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

Japan's first and largest contact lens and eye care product manufacturer, Menicon Co., Ltd, launched “Miru", a daily disposable contact lens pack that provides wearers with both functionality and ultra-thin portability through its minimalist design. Available in a revolutionary wafer-thin pack that fits into most credit card holders, Miru’s exceptionally hygienic flat-pack contains a unique contact lens that promises high-wettability for all-day comfort.
As both a design concept and as a product, “Miru” was created to give users a good start to a good day. Named “Miru” – the Japanese verb “to see” – it offers both beauty and comfort.
Created with Menicon's proprietary technology, Miru’s leading-edge flat pack measures an astonishing 12.5% of the thickness and just 40% of the volume of a conventional pack used to store contact lenses. Barely 1mm thick, the Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack is the world's thinnest and most compact lens pack, designed to match single use modality (daily disposable) and unprecedented convenience for storage and can be carried in a pocket, purse or even a wallet.

The Miru flat pack sandwiches the contact lens lightly, but securely between two specially designed super-thin foil sheets, in contrast to typical blister packs in which the lenses float freely. These specially designed foil sheets feature an easy-open seal which requires significantly less force to open than conventional blister packs, even with wet hands! This unique foil based design enables artistic printing on both sides, something that is not possible with conventional blister pack packaging.
When one peels back the foil covering, the slightly compressed lens “raises up” from its unique disc shaped dispensing platform  and presents with the outer convex side (front curve) facing upwards, ready for placing on the cornea with minimal handling and fuss. The contact lens is easy to pick up in one smooth motion, without confusion about its orientation, or the need to touch the inner surface. Contact lens wearers will no longer be required to go through the hassle of ‘fishing around their case’, a problem common to conventional blister packs.

Besides ensuring easy lens removal, the unique dispensing platform reduces the likelihood of handling the inner surface of the lens and thus contaminating it. This prevents skin oils, bacteria or other harmful micro-organisms from coming into contact with the cornea. Contact lens wearers are thus assured of a more hygienic handling process and reduced likelihood of contaminating their lenses, reducing the possibility of eye infections. 
Miru is the first contact lens in Japan to utilize HEMA-GMA hioxifilcon A, a polymer/material with numerous free radicals that naturally attract and bond with water molecules to ensure maximum wettability and moisture retention. Its structure closely mimics that of a of naturally occurring sugar molecule that is found in the tears of the eye and which results in reduced incidence of in eye lens dehydration. End of day dehydration of soft contact lenses is a common and vexing problem for some contact lens wearers and this type of material can significantly improve their contact lens wearing experience. 
The lens has a base curve of 8.60 mm and a diameter of 14.2 mm. Miru comes in powers ranging from -0.50 to -10.00 and will retail at SGD58 for a pack of 30 contact lenses (including tax).
Miru was first introduced at Menicon’s flagship location in Tokyo, Japan in 2011 and has become one of the Japan’s popular contact lens brands. Its innovative design also won a number of creative design awards including the 2012 Gold Award for Brand and Identity Experience at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Gold Awards for package design at the CLIO and The One Show award.

Miru is available at major optometrists and optical stores. For more information please visit www.miru.com.sg.



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