[Tried & Tested] New Lacoste Female Fragrance - Eau de Lacoste

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Hi Huneybees,

Sweet pink fragrance with a cap that is inspired by the cotton material of Lascoste clothings.
Fragrance play a large part in my life. It makes me more refreshed, feel more feminine and I do not have to fear the B.O when I am out on events.

I received the Eau de Lacoste, the latest fragrance for ladies and I am deeply in love with the light, sweet fragrance. As you all know, I have my pink streak of hair and because of it. I've been going crazy over all things pink and sweet and dolly.

There's a hint of fruits and flowers, very awakening for the morning. Before I head out every monring, I will spray the perfume on my body and one final step - with one spritz high in the air, and I walk into the "fragrant air". 

The fragrance last for most of the day and I have a little travelling perfume holder that I transferred the perfume over, which I will spray a little for the night event I normally attend. It refreshes me after a tired day out and I am set for a date with my hubby!

He has been praising me for how good I smell and we both love the light, delicate, feminine fragrance. 
Thank you Lacoste! :)



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