[Makeup Tutorial] 987FM RSVP Chocs & Bunnies - Makeup / Nails

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By now. lots of you should have seen my album "987FM RSVP Chocs & Bunnies" from FB. The makeup for that night was all sweet and candy-inspired colours.

I had my favourite purple contacts on to match the wonderful purple and blue fake lashes. I even added a crystal on each eye on the outer corners. It's not obvious, but the subtile touch, made my eyes 'sparkle' in the club.

I stretched my eye a little to show you guys the crystal.
I know this is pretty crazy look, but being the 'drama girl', I think my friends and hubby have treated it as nothing. But come on, attending a party is once in a lifetime, a time for you to do crazy things right?

See how colourful my lashes are?

I had a light pink till copper eyeshadow for that afternoon (Hehe! Didn't want to scare people when I'm shopping~). So for the party at night, all I did was just to wear my fake lashes and contacts, touched up my eyeshadow and I was ready to go! Easy right? I would say that's the way to transform from day look to heavy duty night look.

And because the party is all about chocolates and bunnies, cute colours and chocolates were what I did to my nails. Check them out --->

Cute right?

Christina aka Huney


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