[Makeup Tutorial] Nails and Makeup to Gala Premiere of "Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

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I was recently invited to the Gala Premiere of "Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and I knew I had to spot the dark eyeliner look on Captain Jack Sparrow that day.

All thanks to this trusty Etude House eyeshadow palette I acquired recently.

I used (1) - Matte Beige eyeshadow as base and (3) - Shiny White eyeshadow at the brow bone. And the final step is to apply (2) - Shiny Grey eyeshadow on the rest of the eye and (4) - Glittery Black eyeshadow from double eyelid to lashes. See below for better understanding.

So, on to the nail art. When you think of pirates what do you think of? Skulls, treasure chest and the main attraction of the film, mermaid eh? That's what I did exactly.

Thanks to my trusty O.P.I. nail polishes from the Pirates of Caribbean collection and crackle. This was the nail art I spotted that night.

The Pirates of Caribbean logo and overflowing jewels from the treasure chest.
This is a failure attempt on creating mermaid tail splashing on water. But it's still an idea eh?

Christina aka Huney


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