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After a long weekend at the Adidas All 24 event, I decided to go to Serenity Cove in Holland Village with mummy dearest. We signed a package earlier on and were given complimentary 'Classic Manicure' and '40 mins Body Massage'.

I gave the manicure to mummy and she added on a pedicure. What a tai tai right? I liked that the Serenity Cove practice sanitary and all the equipment after one use are all washed and put into a sterilize box. Clean right?

Mummy didn't want to appear in my photos.
Sweet pea pink for her nails. She looked so kawaii!
And sparkly red for her toe nails. Sexy eh?
While mummy had her nails tended to, I was having my little relaxing session at the store next door, where they had all their massage chairs and beds.

Yes, I stripped down to just a towel over my body.
Lying on the bed, waiting for the nice lady to come and massage me...
Still lying on the bed, not waiting for leave after the massage.
The nice lady, gave me more attention on my shoulders and head, knowing that I stare at the computer more often. I'm so glad I had the massage, it's been ages I had a good rub and boy, I had what a wonderful sleep that night.

Another satisfied customer.
I was given a nice cup of camomile tea to drink while waiting for mummy's nails to dry.
You can find Serenity Cove in Holland Village's Shopping Mall, they have branches all over the 3rd floor.

Christina aka Huney


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