Tokidoki ADIOS 6 Piece Set

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My hubby got me the Tokidoki ADIOS 6 Piece Set for Valentines' Day present! He noticed I've been eyeing it for so long, he got it for me! Imagine the excitement! I was literally jumping up and down when I opened the present. More about my V'day can be found here.

A look at the box design.

What lies with ADIOS?
Excited me.
Unveiling the beauty gadgets within. So scary to open his head...
The range of products found within.
So here's my little review about the products found in the set...

1) Cromatico Eyeshadow (Nancy Rocks)

The eyeshadow come is inspired by the Tokidoki character Nancy Rocks and it comes in a Tokidoki-logo shaped compact. I love the holographic purple hue and it suits my olive skin tone very well. The colour is easily shown even with just one brush stroke. I would say go with a bold eyeline for that futuristic feel.

Here's a little video on how to use the eyeshadow...

2)  Perfetto Eyeliner (Sabochan)

This is Sabochan.

I would say the eyeliner is marker type. Using the tip, you can get fine thin lines and if you slant it and draw using the side, you can get the perfect thick eyeline for cat eyes. The eyeliner is easy to remove, does not stain the eyelid and is also smudge proof!

3) Prisma Lip Gloss (Ciao Ciao)

Ciao Ciao herself.

What better way to pair Adios with Ciao Ciao? They are literally made for each other!

The lipgloss is a transparent pink lipgloss that brightens your lips. A tinge of strawberry smell makes you wana lick your lips! The lipgloss does not feel sticky, so go ahead and get your pouty lips some "action". I would say this lipgloss is a must get, use it on it's on or on top or any lip colour.

4) Fantastico Lip Stain (Carnivora)

I'm usually not a fan of colours that are too dark for my lips, but as this is a lip stain, the colour seeps nicely into my lips. The lip stain is like a marker, so I could get the colour to the corner of my lips easily without the help of a lip brush. Carnivora is a matt plum colour and I can get enough coverage with just one swipe. It doesn't feel dry and it has a berry taste to it! The lip stain does not feel sticky, it's almost like wetting your lips and dry in a few seconds leaving your lips with a beautiful shade of plum. Try it!

 That's the end of the review. I will post up the makeup video I did using these products. Stay tuned!

Christina aka Huney


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