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Raised by nature gathered by Gamila to nourish healthy skin
Revealing Gamila Secret - A brand of skin care from the village if Pegi'in, Galilee, Northern Isreal. Galilee is a place where time seems to have stopped for 200 years. The fertile soil feeds magnificient olive groves, orchards and fields full of herbs.

 “I have committed my life to blending the healing powers of herbs to create the purest possible skin care products”.
Gamila was born and raised in the village and when her father was very young, his grandmother taught him the importance of nature in their lives. He passed this knowledge onto Gamila. Based on that knowledge, Gamila started searching for the ideal combination of wild herbs, vegetable oils and olive oil from the trees growing in the hills around her village.

This mixture, the ‘secret’ part of Gamila Secret, not only cleansed skin but also softened and healed it. She created the perfect combination for skin care because she has one very clear mission in life: to give everyone the opportunity to have healthy, beautiful skin for as long as they live.

Let me introduce their Cleansing Bar. Made from 100% natural ingredients and 15 herbs with more than 80% pure virgin olive oil that can be used as a daily cleansing bar for the face & body. They offer more than 10 scent and the one that I'm reviewing is Original.  

Upon opening the box, my whole bedroom was filled with the fragrance of olive and essence oil. Just by smelling it, I felt so relaxed and was super eager to start using the cleansing bar. Something interesting about Gamila Secret is that the bars may be of the same fragrance, but they may have a different colour as certain herbs have a different colour each season...

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bars are available in ten varieties, nine of which have essential oils for added fragrance and properties that simulate the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones like me Gamila Secret not only cleanses and revitalizes the skin; it also has healing qualities for people whose skin has lost its natural balance. 

Olive Oil stimulates the self-protective function and through that the breathing, of the skin. The skins own moisture stays intact through the generation of natural skin oils and the restoration of the natural skin barrier. The skin can then breathe and transpire without loss of moisture. It doesn't leave the skin feeling dry and tight.

How to use the Cleansing Bar
  1. Moisten with warm water to activate the ingredients
  2. Apply the bar directly on face & body
  3. Massage the creamy texture into your skin
  4. Allow the emulsion time to permeate deeply into the skin
  5. Rinse off

My Review

Cleansing power : 4 /5
I like that the cleansing bar is not too foamy and after cleansing, my skin feels refreshed. It is very gentle and my skin feels smoother after using. I love it! It is said to heal the skin, I'm looking forward to see its magic, since I've only used it for a week...

Scent : 4/5
The Original version smells like olive and essential oil, very refreshing and relaxing...

Price : 3/5
($46 - $63) per soap. The price is pretty steep. But the fact that it is carefully made and the process of controlled cooking, with ingredients being added at different moments to accomplish the best result, makes it a little more precious...

Overall : 3.5 /5
I like it, leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth, however, the pricing will make me think twice before getting it.

Gamila Secret not only offers cleansing bar. They also offers alot more product like - Face Oil, Hand Cream, Foot Balm and many more. It's been a celebrity secret!

For more information, you can go to their website - http://gamilasecret.sg and 'LIKE' them on Facebook.
Gamila Secret is available at Metro Paragon, Robinsons Marina Bay Sands, Robinsons Raffles City & Robinsons Centrepoint.

Christina aka Huney


  1. Jennifer said...:

    Gamila is my personal favorite!! I too like using the product and found them cool.

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