M.A.C. Marilyn Monroe

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M.A.C. have unveiled their limited edition collection inspired by iconic screen siren - Marilyn Monroe for cosmetic fiends to get fired up!

The Marilyn collection oozes with the starlet’s signature sex appeal - strong red lipsticks, pink blushers, false lashes, nail lacquers and shimmering eye shadows are the must for the inner Marilyn in you. With names like Preferred Blonde, Silver Screen and Showgirl, everyone can be a Marilyn walking down the street. 

The packaging features various black images of Marilyn with her signature in scarlet. Those lusting after Marilyn’s perfect red lips will be delighted with the selection available – in shades including Scarlet Ibis, Love Goddess and Deeply Adored. With the red Marilyn Monroe Lip Pencils and Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass, one can definitely have the sexy pucker lips....

For the face, there’s a Beauty Powder called Forever Marilyn and 2 powder blushes - Legendary (a pale coral in a satin finish) and The Perfect Cheek (a matte pink beige).

Eyeshadows are How to Marry, Preferred Blonde, Silver Screen and Showgirl. Together with the 35 Lash False Lashes, Penulitmate Eyeliner, Eye Kohl, Penultimate Brow, Brow Finisher and mascara - False Lashes, you can have the most seductive eyes ever.

Nail colours are available in shades - (Rich, Rich, Rich), Stage Red, Vintage Vamp, Flaming Rose and Kid Orange.

The collection is already available in all M.A.C. stores and I've already gotten my few must-have products from the collection at ION Sephora. However, the eye shadows were not available. I will have to head to town again another day. Here's a preview of what I've bought.

The packaging is a monochrome image of Marilyn Monroe in different poses for the different products, together with a Scarlett Red Marilyn Monroe signature. However, the lady on the packaging and ad is not the real Marilyn as she has gone to a better place, so they had a model who looks like her for the images...

Inside every box, you will find a sexy lipstick mark. What a surprise...

For face, I got the Beauty Powder (Forever Marilyn) and a blusher (Legendary). A red lipstick is a must and I got the Love Goddess that has a slight pink tinge to it. As well as sparkly white gloss called Little Rock to add shine to the lipstick.

Other products I got is the Beet Lip Pencil to match the Love Goddess Lipstick as well as the must get Brow Finisher for the sleek eyebrow and hold it for the day.

And lastly, red nails for the sexy lady. I got 2 shades - Kid Orange and Vintage Vamp. One is a bright red orange and the other is slightly to the goth side, a deep maroon colour.

Wana know how to look like Marilyn herself? Here's a tutorial how...

Christina aka Huney


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