COVERMARK - The Perfect Foundation

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Introducing COVERMARK - a brand thats related to foundation and I had to try it out at their workshop at Mandarin Gallery.

Long had the skin problems disappear like magic.
It blends seamlessly into your skin tone, the happy feeling of beauty deepens.
Foundation... It is the virtuosity of skin colour that brings life to a beautiful skin.

Before I begin introducing the foundation, of course good cleansed skin is needed. Dirty skin does not allow makeup to stay. Here are the steps as well as the products and how to use them to prep your skin for the wonderful foundation.

There are 2 types of cleansing products in COVERMARK's range - Treatment Cleansing Milk (For Moisture Cleaning with Clean Feeling) and Deep Cleansing Oil N (For Quick and Smooth Cleansing).

Following the steps above to remove your makeup will not create additional lines and gently rubbing the Cleansing Oil according to the diagram above, easily removed my makeup! 

While rubbing in, the oil blends into the makeup, removing as you move in circular motions and easily wash off with lukewarm water, left my skin feeling refreshed and instantly moisturised!

After which, is to use the COVERMARK Mineral Wash. With this luxurious foam effect, you can achieve beautiful skin for amazing makeup application.

Charcoal is commonly used in cleansing foams to remove dirt but for COVERMARK, they have used clay, which not only removes dirt, but also sebum! And also with the amazing Japanese technology, with clay in the product, they can actually make into foam, which normally is unable to.

Squeezing a drop of the foam mixed with water, will create a thick foam that does not fall even when "hanging downwards". Rubbing is not needed, all you need to do is apply the foam and lightly glide your hands over your face. The dirt would be magnetized with the foam and come off when you wash off.

The next step is the COVERMARK Cell Adavanced Lotion/Serum.

With the "Mother Cells" as the source of beautiful skin, we must have the Cell Advanced approach to foster the beauty from within the skin, enhancing the skin's firmness from within.

Simply follow the steps and you can get you Mother Cells working... :)

The next step to apply the Cell Advanced Mask once a week to further enhance your beauty. We tried the smaller version on our hand due to time constrain. But I can tell you that patch on my hand was instantly smoother and softer after the application!

Now onto the Makeup Base. COVERMARK have several types, so do head over to their counters to try them out. 

The makeup base holds to your skin so well, that even water will slide off your skin!
See! The makeup base doesn't even come off with the water!

Yipee! Onto the Foundation - Moisture Veil Lx. The colours are very suitable for the Asian skin and with just a few swap, I have the sufficient coverage to cover up a little spots here and there.

Pores grow downwards, so to cover up your pores, apply the foundation upwards.
Yippee! Then it's time to play with colours and apply makeup!!!

Their colour range is very sweet and natural. Suitable for ladies all age.

That's me after the COVERMARK Workshop, the eyeshadow is from their eyeshadow palette that you've seen above.

COVERMARK is available at:
391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873
COVERMARK Counter @ Takashimaya Department Store Singapore, Level 3
※Next to Fragrance counters in Men's wear department.

Add them on Facebook for more updates too!

Christina aka Huney


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