[The Body Shop] Say I Love You With Strawberries and Chocolates

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Valentines' Day is just a 2 days away ~

Have you got your presents? The Body Shop brought back their Chocomania bath and body range and seriously they feel so edible... Why give chocolates that make you fat? Use it on yourselves for the extra sensory OOMPH!

Chocomania range, like it's name suggests is full of chocolatey fun! It's the supreme pampering for your skin, leaving you smelling heavenly and tasty like chocolate (Be Warned! I really meant tasty like you wana feed!), no one can resist.

There's also the range of the sweet and fruity Strawberry that is totally irresistible and I might say less 'sinful'. Smelling juicy and yummy for this Valentines' Day is the way to go too~

And if you are not that good with wrapping or just want to get them all, the lovely people of The Body Shop also have the specially packed gift sets for you lovers out there...

I know I'm enjoying being 'chocolatey'. Go get your today...

Christina aka Huney 


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