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I have long heard about the ReFa face roller range. If you are a huge fan of Taiwan Beauty TV Program - 女人我最大, you will know that the face rollers are a huge hit in Japan and all over the world.

Over 1 million units sold in Japan over 1 year
No 1 Sales in professional market, online beauty websites i.e. @Cosme, beauty exhibitions, Mail order catalogues, largest beauty exhibition in Japan and No. 1 Christmas gift for the past 2 years 

So imagine my excitement when I was one of the few bloggers who got to experience the ReFa CARAT (a new addition to the ReFa family) @ Ikeda Spa. Not only were we introduced to ReFa CARAT, we even got to try it on the spot and learn how to fully make use of it to create a V-Shaped face and contour parts of our body.

Features of the ReFa CARAT.
This photo was taken 5 minutes after using the ReFa CARAT. See the instant uplift?
My double chin is less visible, less chubby and even my eyes look more lifted!
Unlike it's previous predecessor - ReFa Pro, the ReFa CARAT has 2 round ball bearings made of platinum for easy rolling and of course serving a different purpose as the ReFa Pro.

The ReFa Pro
Here's the differences...
The ReFa CARAT is suitable for all skin types (except acne prone skin) and what it does is to Slim Face Line, Define Cheekbone, Create Beautiful Neckline, Firm Arms, Release Tension on Lower Legs, Firm the Thigh Area and it is told by many Japanese ladies, Firm and Uplift the Boobs too!

You must be asking how does it work? By sending Micro-Current into your skin to stimulate the muscles back to its original state.

Beauty Benefits of Micro-Current:
Defines facial/ body contour
Increases lymphatic drainage
Improves blood circulation
Refines appearance of enlarged pores
Reduction in the appearance of  lines/wrinkles
Improves skin texture
Healthy glowing skin
Better absorption of skincare products

So, I was on a 2-weeks challenge to give the ReFa CARAT a try. I was given one home and I religiously used it everyday, everywhere. I think you guys might have seen me posting the pictures on my Instagram. 

I can loudly say I'm in love again! This handy beauty gadget gave me instant youthfulness and firmness in my skin. I am very concerned about my double chin and fine lines under my eyes and after the 2-weeks trial, I can see improvements in my skin condition, my skin is much tightened and my eyes don't look so tired anymore!

The Up Serum.
Together with the Up Serum that was given to me as well, the results are much more effective as it will increase micro current conductivity by 4.5 times. I also used the ReFa CARAT with my night cream and eye cream and the effects are more drastic than just solely applying on the face. The cream is better absorbed and my face is better moisturised.

See the difference after 2 weeks? I feel like a load off my face!

The ReFa CARAT is retailing at SGD$540. I find it a little steep but then thinking of the advantages, this is an investment I wouldn't want to miss. I bet the rest of the blogger who got to try it would agree with me too ~

Do like ReFa FB Page: for more Products Updates and Promotions.

Christina aka Huney


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