[What's New] Watsons' 23rd Anniversary

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Hi Huneybees,

Watsons is celebrating their 23rd Anniversary and on 3rd March (Yes, very late update), I was one of the privileged ones to grab some cheap deals.

It was a little 'aunty' of me to be queuing up for cheap deals, but hey! As a member, I got to enjoy more than 20% discount on some of the products! Ok, that sounds super 'aunty' of me, but what to do, now married, must save up a little more... :p

 See the queue even at 9.30pm?!

Ladies attacking the makeup racks. It was almost empty when it was my turn.

My loot for the night. Hahahaha! Yes, Aunty must get cheap pads! :p

Hurry down now to Watsons as they still have their cheap deals on racks. Happy shopping!



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