[Tried & Tested] Kanebo's Freshel Moist Lift (BB Cream)

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Hi guys,

I have recently received a tube of Kanebo's Freshel Moist Lift BB Cream, all thanks to Nuffnang!
So, here's the product:

A little details on the back.

As you can see, there's Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Essence and Yeast Extract to soften and moisturise the skin, while working as sunscreen & tinted makeup base!
Upon opening the box, you will find this brown and gold luxurious looking tube, that reminds me of yummy chocs! And although it says 'Fragrance Free' on the back, there's is still a slight flowery smell, which kinda feels good when you apply.

The natural skin coloured cream matches my skin colour to the max and it glides on to skin easily and I can have even skin colour in minutes. And also the cream, covers my dullness and red spots pretty well. I didn't have to put on concealer to cover up after using the BB cream.

Here's how I look without makeup. (Be warned: Don't freak out)

Fainted yet?

After applying the cream, you can already see, much lighter skin colour around my eyes.

Here's how I look after applying face powder on top of the cream and finishing the look with simple eyeshadow shading and eyeliner.

See how amazing I look after using the BB Cream?
My skin seems to glow from within and my skin is flawless!

I have been using the BB Cream for a couple of weeks now and my skin feels smoother and firmer than ever (you know, the 'du-ing, du-ing' feeling). It's amazing how 4 small dots of cream on my face can work wonders!

My rating for the BB Cream:

4.5 / 5 Hearties

The product is going for $33.00 at all Kanebo counters in stores now! You should also check out the Freshel range while you're at there. 

So hurry grab yours soon!



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    Thank you! Your support is definitely something that keeps me going. Do support my beauty blog: www.colourhuney.blogspot.com too!


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