[What's New] Filming Singapore's Stop Of "Addy 重新出髮" With Addy Lee

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Hi Huneybees,

As the filming for Addy Lee's <Addy 重新出髮> makes its stop back into Singapore, Huney'Z World joined him for a day of filming at his Monsoon salon at Novena Square

Addy showed me around his salon and this is the special hair treatment room where different lighting can be set to match your mood as you relax and get your hair pampered. This is what I call living the life! :)

Addy also introduced his collection of hair products, mainly Addy Li and Hatsuga. The chrome packaging of the Addy Li series is already hint enough of its high quality hair pampering, whereas the Hatsuga collection boosts of silicon free shampoo and conditioner. Both collection are award winning and highly recommended, giving you Monsoon's standard of hair care right at the comfort of your house. I have been using them, so do stay tuned to Huney'Z World for my review...

So, it was time to get down to filming. It was like reliving my poly days, but also lucky for that training, I knew what was happening and learnt some new tricks for video taking and photography. This episode that they were recording that day was about D.I.Y shaving.  I was a little scared for the model, but after watching how Addy taught him, it seems pretty easy to do your own shaving...

Camera and lighting ready!
Addy, director and cameraman having a discussion before the shoot.

Introducing the shaver, with the different combs for the different lengths...
Model of the day - Desmond

Before the actual filming, the crew had a discussion with Addy on what the steps are, so they can plan the different shots and lens required. But though with the rehearsal, Addy actually shaved the model's hair at the wrong scene cut and it gave everyone a scare and a good laugh. There were so many NG moments and this is one...

Salvaging the mistake...

Ok, continue filming ...

When it comes to shaving the sides of the hair, Addy taught us to "divide" the hair into 3 sections from ear up. And when it comes to shaving the back of the hair, you can simply hold up another mirror and shave accordingly...

Ain't it amazing to have Addy holding up the mirror for you and coaching you along?

The last part of filming for the day was a section on introducing the Addy Li and Hatsuga products, demonstrating hair washing on the model. My favourite is to the gold series of Addy Li, it has a slight heating element to open up the pores on the scalp, to clean thoroughly. Then after conditioner, use the silver hair mask to cool, close up the pores. The model's hair was smooth and tangle free after the wash!

Thank you Addy and the crew for the amazing experience. 
Stay tuned to more updates of <Addy 重新出髮>!


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