Traffic Stopping Hair Colours

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Ever since my first attempt to tie dye my hair last year, I went through several colour changes by having my ends changing colours every few months.

I wasn't happy with the previous colour and so I went back to the hairstylist's to bleach and then add on the colours again. This time, it was red, green, maroon. We left it as that and 2 months later, I went back to bleach out my hair even more and this time, we changed the colour to orange, green and purple. It's definitely more prominent now with more bleaching out.

But bleaching the hair's a bitch! I had super duper dry ends when I got lazy or forgot to apply the hair moisturiser. And since I've had this super long long hair for more than 2 years, I thought it was time to snip it all off!

Just a couple of pictures before I snip it all off....

Woo! The amount of hair! Anyone wan hair extensions??
So, there, I "chopped" it all off, leaving little red tips at the end of my hair...

I loved the red ends lots, give my shorter curly hair a little twist, even when I tie my hair up in a ponytail.

3 months later, I was back at my hairstylist's to bleach out the red ends (which was dang difficult as he had to make sure my hair didn't break too!) as we decided to turn it turquoise blue as seen on Katy Perry and Photographer May Lin Le Goff.

We chose to do a gradient effect and this was achieved by getting the hair bleached into different tones, so the more yellow my hair gets, the greener the hair gets...

Ta Da! After 7 hours of hard work, we got the effect I wanted!

Above: This is how the hair colours looks like under sunlight.
Below: And this is how the colours look like under fluorescent light.

Yes, my hair's not straight, this is then my natural curls....
So, this is my coloured hair journey for the past few months.
Still unsure of what's my next move, but I know I'm enjoying the blue hair for now! :)

Christina aka Huney


  1. Mirai ♥ said...:

    I like the blue/green hair combi! I want to dye my hair dark blue if I ever had the chance :D

  1. Hi Mirai, is it like Midnight Blue? Go dye it, it's not an obvious blue, only under sunlight, which is still ok for school ar...

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