Lily Cole x The Body Shop

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Lily Cole, English model / actress / activist, who is remembered for her role in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is now the first ever global brand advocate of "The Body Shop". She's refreshingly honest, human, and upfront about how she thinks the world could be a better place.

She's been busy promoting The Body Shop’s Beauty With Heart campaign that launched on May 15th with the tag line “Look good, feel good and do good” (the movement aims to inspire individuals and expand the boundaries of beauty). And today, I'm introducing the Cruelty Free Make-Up Collection which adheres to the brand’s firm policy against animal testing. It's also front by Lily Cole and I'm loving the pink spotted ladybug packaging already...

The packacing is beautiful, colours are sweet like Lily and there are several items that I already fell in love with when I received them...

Pearl Radiance Primer - The slight shimmer pearls in the tube, combined with the primer gives a really soft and glowy finish. Makeup stays much longer after using the primer.

Shimmer Cubes - A palette of four iridescent eyeshadows to mix and to match. They blend effortlessly and you can even pat on the intensity. Simply love the playful colours ( Think Pink, Live Lilac, Go Violet, Tint It Pink).

Liquid Eyeliner - complementing the Shimmer Cubes perfectly is this liquid eyeliner in violet, which gives a pretty, slightly metallic flash of colour to the eyes.

Lip & Cheek Dome (Pinch Me Pink & Crazy For Coral) - My favourite pieces from the collection. The colour is soft and glides on easily. One product for 2 use? BUY!

Puff On Radiance - As it names already suggests, using the cute little puff, dab the radiance pearls on areas you wana highlight on your face for the 3D glow...

Mini Hi Shine Lip Treatment (Go Naked, Go Wild, Go Play, Go Pink) - Lip treatment that works like lip glosses and shines with little shimmer/glitter bits. Love all the colours, get them all!

Wana know how to achieve this? See the video below..
 Ok! So after the extensive introduction, here's a video on how to use them all and I've even included a little tip on how to transform from day to night.

Like what you see? Don't forget to head down The Body Shop to get them. 
If you do try them out leave a comment ya?

Christina aka Huney


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