[Weekly Nail Art & Review] M.A.C. Hey Sailor

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Yipee! I was one of the first few Singaporeans to get the M.A.C. Hey Sailor! Collection before others. I got the Blues and the Greens (Or-Che/Blue Black?!) as I'm always getting the special colours whenever the M.A.C. collections are out. Nude colours can be bought anytime right? Anyway, check out how lovely the packaging is! I'm such a sucker for packaging, being an artist, innovative and interesting packaging is what draws my attention to the products...

So, this is what I got for myself. Wanted to get the highlight powder but it's not in yet.
For the eyes, I got:
Pigment - Naval Blue
Eye Shadow - Feeling Fresh
Eye Shadow - Nautical Navy
PowerPoint Eye Pencil - Emerald Sea
PowerPoint Eye Pencil - Blue Stripe
The pigment is a very shiny navy blue that can be topped onto the eyeshadow Nautical Navy for the glossy feel. I'm always a fan of M.A.C.'s eye pencils as they glide super easily and you can get 100% of the colour in just one glide. 

*Tip: For the warm weather in Singapore, we tend to perspire easily, so to prevent the colours from running, simply dab eyeshadow of the same colour.

For the lips:
Frost Lipstick - To Catch A Sailor
Pro Longwear Lip Pencil - Saunter
Saunter is a pretty shade of beige that's suitable for any nude coloured lipsticks. I used it underneath To Catch A Sailor for a longer wear and to define my lips. It turns out to be a pretty shade of glossy nude lip colour.

For the Cheeks:
Powder Blush - Fleet Fast
The blush is a sweet pink, just nice for fair-medium skin babes, complimenting the blues and greens that I've got.
Here's a swatch of the colours.

I love the collection so much, I just had to do a set of nail art inspired by the collection.

Psst, I will be posting a makeup tutorial soon. In the midst of editing....

Christina aka Huney


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