The Body Shop - Olive Beautifying Oil

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The word Olive always sounds super healthy and nourishing, be it applied or eaten, it helps in a healthier and more glow-ful you ~

I received The Body Shop Beautifying Oil (Olive Oil) to try out and I'm loving it! It's multi purpose and can be used for body, face and hair! (For the face, be careful when near the eyes area, do not apply too close). It is super effective if you are working or sleeping in air-conditioned offices/rooms.

Our NEW Beautifying Oils are multi-purpose dry oils for body, face and hair.  They instantly moisturise, smooth and illuminate, thanks to the pampering blend of three precious nut oils and offer moisturisation benefits up to 8 hours! Contrary to beliefs that oils are greasy for our humid weather, our beautifying oils offer 3 benefits that will leave you loving them!

As you guys know, I've recently bleached and dyed my hair blue. It can get pretty dry at times, now thanks to the Beautifying Oil, I can have pretty silky hair everyday! Thank you The Body Shop!!

Christina aka Huney


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Well i understand you, i have the same one! But i must say it disappointed me, my hair was totally oily after using just a few drops, and i stayed for 2 days or something....

  1. Hmmm, that's weird. I mean hair does feel oily, but remember to just put on the ends. It might clog your pores if your put directly on scalp. It didn't stay on my hair that long, once I shampoo, it comes out easily and I didn't even need to use conditioner to condition my hair...

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