Let Your Skin Be Waterful with Laneige

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If you're a big fan of the Korean actress - Song Hye Gyo (송혜교 / 宋慧乔), you will know she owes her flawless skin to Laneige, the skincare brand she represents. 

Laneige has just opened their first boutique at JCUBE, the newest mall located at Jurong East Central. They have decided to launch their first standalone concept store in the entire ASEAN region so that their customers can now the full Laneige experience with customised facial and beauty services, skincare consultations and makeovers, all under one roof.

I was recently invited to Laneige's JCube outlet to their ‘Sparkle Up with the Laneige Experience’ a 90-minute customized beauty session to rejuvenate myself with :

  • Personalized beauty consultation and skin analysis
  • Relaxing massage to stimulate my senses and soothe the muscles
  • Facial treatments with Laneige skincare products based on my skin type

First, was the skin consultation. Well, the result was as expected to be "lack of moisture" due to my late nights (see the price I pay for blogging? Must support k?).

This iss the devide used to test out the moisture level on the eye, cheek and lip area.

Getting a consultation on how to improve my skin's moisture level.
Yipee! Then it was time to go through the hidden door behind the counter and in we go the facial treatment room. The nice lady, Joey lit up a candle and burnt some lavender oil while she did the treatment for me. It was so soothing and at certain times I dozed off....  (-_-)zzZZ

Having a great massage to have my skin absorb all the moisture goodness.
I had double masque to lock in the moisture.
Ta Da! Not only did I feel refreshed, Laneige have also "quenched the thirst" on my skin!

With Laneige's bestselling Water Bank Skincare and new Water Supreme makeup, you can own luxurious hydration for your skin, just like a 24-hour continuous spa!

Laneige Water Bank skincare range has been a cornerstone of the brand, with a successful upgrade last year that saw x% increase in its sales. This year, 3 new products have been added to the repertoire, and launched together with new Laneige Water Supreme makeup range that includes the same core ingredient – Optimal Mineral Water – utilized in Water Bank skincare, for the most supple hydration both inside and out! Woohoo!
My dry, fatigued skin can now be luxuriated with the intensively-researched Optimal Mineral Water and patented Water Pump System to pamper from within.
Using the patented Water Pump System  (a hydration technology that forms the core of Water Bank), it intensively circulates moisture deep within the skin round the clock, while fortifying and enhancing skin cells for increased moisture retention and detoxification.

What is Optimal Mineral Water?
It contains a golden ratio of skin-friendly minerals delicately distilled and balanced from
top waters around the world to achieve optimal ratio of minerals for the skin. Not only does it increase the rate
of skin regeneration, it also fortifies damaged skin cells, restoring them to a plump, healthy condition.

At Laneige, there is very simple term that they use to remember the daily skincare regime. And it's non other that E.S.T.E.E.M. (Eye, Soap/Cleanser, Toner/Skin Refiner, Emulsion, Essence, Moisturizer).

Let's check out some of the must-buys of the Laneige Water Bank range ya?
Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Cream
  1. Locks moisture in the skin for 24 hours, leaving skin smooth and radiant.
  2. Revitalizes and alleviates puffiness of eye area
  3. Reduces dark eye circles
Laneige Water Bank Moisture Full Ampoule
  1. Why Water Bank Ampoule is in milky texture? The milky texture stabilizes the ingredients that establish oil-moisture balance in the skin and maximizes absorption into each layer of the skin
  2. Moisture is lost through the parts of skin barrier damaged by harmful environments. Phragmites Kharka Extract and Poria Cocos Extracts activate TRPV4 and volumize the cells to hold moisture inside, leaving the face contour firm and supple.
  3. Phragmites Kharka Extract and Poria Cocos Extracts are total anti-aging components that increase skin tolerance from external forces, especially UV light. Phragmites Kharka Extract was also used by Navajo Indians for treating skin disease.
  4. TRPV4 is the protein that fortifies the skin barrier by tightening the epidermis.

Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist
  1. Optimal Mineral Water developed by formulating minerals helpful for retaining moisture in a certain ratio, instantly moisturizes the skin and promotes skin regeneration to create skin conditions that do not lose moisture easily
  2. Anti-oxidizing effect to suppress inflammation and increase enforcement of skin tissue, while revitalizing the purifying filter inside skin to discharge protein residues accumulated by external aggressors. *Note: Skin aging causes accumulation of protein dust in the cell. If the protein dusts keep accumulating in the skin cell, the skin would get darker and darker. Protein dust gets accumulated in the skin cell as people aged because proteasome ,which cleans the cell dust, gets weak and cannot unction as much as young cell does.
  3. Organic lemon verbena extracts soothe the fatigued and damaged by UV rays, pollution and dryness
  4. Energizing scent gives the skin vitality and energy, based on analysis of brainwave (increased brain’s β wave) and heartbeat
Laneige Water Bank Essence
  1. Specially patented ingredients, HyperAqua L and Aqu’ative, for excellent hydration and long-lasting moisturisation in dry environments.
  2. Seamollient extracts to strengthen moisture synthesis, firm and smooth skin texture.
  3. Incorporates key extracts to promote skin cell turnover.
There's also a moisturising makeup range....

Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base
  1. Smooth texture without pores and wrinkles: the moisturizing barrier fills skin with moisture and prepares the skin for effective foundation.
  2. Optimal moisturization: the protective barrier of Optimal Mineral Water and 3D Hydra Technology retains moisture on the lowest layer of makeup.
  3. Natural skin correction: Naturally corrects your skin tone without affecting the coverage of your foundation
Laneige Water Supreme Foundation
  1. Watery Light Texture: watery and refreshing lightweight Aqua Texture eliminates the infamous heavy and sticky texture of foundation and quickly spreads on the skin with a refreshing feeling. Also, Moisture Droplets, the stabilized moisturizing factors, pull in moisture for your skin to shine with moisture, not oil.
  2. Supreme Moisture: Optimal Mineral Water and 3D Hydra Technology form a protective barrier to hold in moisture and leaves the skin supple and free of dryness all day long.
  3. Light and spreadable texture: much thinner and lighter than any other foundation and feels as comfortable as your natural skin.
Laneige Water Supreme Finishing Pact
  1. Stable Attachment: the hexagonal Honey Crystal Powder stably attaches to skin lightly without caking. Cover flaws densely and evenly yet without heaviness.
  2. Non-drying Finish: 3D Hydra Technology forms a protective layer to retain the suppleness of moisturizing foundation and leaves the skin smooth and clear without dryness.
  3. Bright and Clear Skin: Water Luminous Powder, a type of mineral powder that mimics the reflection of light on the surface of water, embraces the skin with the clean and clear radiance of water
Other than the Water Bank series, there's also more of the Laneige products for you to explore. Do feel free to head down any Laneige counters or even their first standalone store at JCube!

Star Products
1. Water Sleeping Pack
2. Water Bank Essence
3. Snow BB Soothing Cushion

Very interesting powder sunblock,, which can be reapplied over makeup!

There's even a range for the men!

Christina aka Huney


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