The Body Shop's Nutriganics Drops of Youth

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The Body Shop has launched a youth-enhancing concentrate – the Nutriganics Drops of Youth, to combat initial signs of ageing by using the latest in plant stem cell technology. This innovative concentrate helps to enhance surface skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier. 

It is the Star Product of The Body Shop that has been selling well through the months. 8 in 10 Asian women now users of Nutriganics Drops of Youth, with every minute, one bottle is sold!

This pre-serum fits into all skincare regimes and is specially formulated with Beech Bud Extract and Community Fair Trade Babassu Nut Oil as well as Plant Stem Cells harvested from Criste-Marine, a hardy plant that is able to survive in the harshest environments and absorbs nutrients from the air around it.

How to use it?

Using the pipette (a dropper syringe-like contraption) provided,  gently massage two to three drops into skin, and allow to sink in before applying your usual moisturiser or serum.

My Thoughts
The packaging already spells it all for the product and the pipette is not only hygienic but also convenient as it allows the serum to be dispensed in drops. It appears sticky but once I spread it over my face, it glides on smoothly and gets absorbed into the skin within seconds!
As with most of The Body Shop products, I didn’t have to worry about an allergic reaction as besides its natural origins, the Nutriganics Drops of Youth is also silicon and paraben-free, with 20 per cent organic certified ingredients, making it suitable for all skin types.

I use the product twice daily. Once before my makeup and it creates a much better base to apply makeup on as my skin feels more hydrated and smoother. And at night, I apply after cleansing the face, allowing me to wake up to glowing, fresh firm skin. The non-oily, gel-like texture is perfect for our climate.
I recently had an allergic reaction at a facial and seriously, with the religious usage of the Nutriganics Drops of Youth, my skin healed faster and I'm back to the pretty me! :)
Do note: This is a product to prevent aging and fine lines. So I highly recommend this for ladies in the early 20s to begin using this for the long lasting youthful look to delay aging...

Rating: 4.5/5

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth retails for $58.90 for 30ml at all The Body Shop Outlets.

Christina aka Huney


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