Get Long Lasting Coloured And Curled Hair With Pantene

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A solution to making your hair colour and curls last longer? Sign me up! Everyone know I have recently taken up the pink hair challenge and it is really a feat to try to keep it that way, especially with the multiple attempts of tie dyed hair, bleaching, curling and straightening my hair.

According to the experts of Pantene, repeated chemical treatments (dyeing or perming or rebonding) can result in your hair becoming more porous, thus resulting in losing the needed nutrients or the hair colour getting washed off easier.

Below are some facts you should know before you even consider doing anything to your hair.

Then, there was talk of virgin hair. What's that you ask? Pretty much like the name, it's hair that's untouched, not man-handled, pretty much like stem cells. 

So, how do you even know whether your hair is virgin or in this term, healthy? 
Simply put it to a water test!

Virgin hair is smooth to the touch and freeflowing, like those you see in the ads. So you guess when that hair touches water, will it sink or float?
pantene (8)
So, it was my turn to put my hair to the test. 

What?! I'm not gona cut that pink hair away am I?!

Nope, just a strand. But my hair seems to be semi healthy? It floated at first, then sank...

Andrea Chong - Model/Blogger shared her experience using Pantene, but all attention were drawn to Liv Tyle when she made an appearance. WHAT?!!!!

Wahahaha! TV Appearance. =X

Now, for the grand reveal of the Stars of the event. The all new Color & Perm Lasting Care Range, which comes with an all-new Liquid Crystal Shampoo System that helps to maintain the vibrant and rich colour and bouncy curls for up to six weeks. Woohoo!

The products from the series contains highly-charged cationic synthetic polymer which forms lyotropic Liquid Crystals when combined with anionic surfactant. Simply saying, the liquid crystal shampoo system is like a shield wrap for your hair, it helps keep the colour pigments and chemical pigments in your hair and maintain its quality.
Prices of Pantene’s Colour & Perm Lasting Care range products
  • Shampoo 460ml – $8.95
  • Conditioner – $8.95
  • Daily Intensive Conditioner 180ml – $8.95
  • 6-week Colour Protect Treatment Program 60ml – $8.95

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