Launch of Dermal Therapy

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I was invited to Dermal Therapy's launch event and when I saw that they carry a product called Nail Magic, I knew that would be something I will need. :)

The whole brand name has already let the cat out of the bag. It is a range of skincare products that helps relieve common skin problems and irritations. I have to say that the packaging is not the most appealing, no adorable cute colours, no frills, no gimmicks, yet the products are superbly efficient!

The host for the event was Yasmin and she shared her experience how much she loved the Dermal Therapy products, together with Loretta Fung and Amit Saha (Group Technical Manager).

The Dermal Therapy range is developed by Lacorium Health International Pty Ltd in Australia and esclusively distributed in Singapore by United Italian Trading Corporation (Pte) Ltd, a reputable pharmaceutical marketing distribution company established in Singapore since 1963, with branch offices in Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia. The range of products cover areas of foot and nail care as well as skin care focusing on problem ares like hands and lips.

So, at the event, I was introduced to the individual products and allow me to show you the magic...

Here are some of the facts of the Gentle Hydrating Wash (300ml, $14.90). I tried it at the event and it was very gentle, soft on my skin as I rub the product on my hand and after wiping it off, my hand was clean and literally glowing as though I have taken a load of dull dead skin away!

The Intense Hydrating Lotion (300ml, $17.90) is an everyday family lotion for regular moisturisation purposes, providing protection against irritation, chafing, dryness and a wide variety of skin ailments including eczema. 

I have not stopped using the lotion ever since I got it. I can feel my skin more moisturised and less "scaly".

The Nail Magic (15ml, $15.50) is my favourite! My dear readers who simply love painting their nails like me, would definitely must get this product to whiten your nails and help strengthen those brittle nails. The brush tip makes it easy to apply the gel, it gets absorbed fast and goes on invisible after application.

The Hand Balm (50g, $7.90) is suitable for moisturising patches of dry skin including Eczema & Psoriasis, conditioning the skin free from radical damage with Vitamin E.

For those dry heels, flaky skin is so irritating, here's 2 solutions for you. Dermal Therapy Heel Balm (28g, $6.90) and Dermal Therapy Heel Magic (70g, $15.50).

Both products work on rough, dry and cracked heels, helping to smooth things out and they are both diabetic friendly.

And last but not least, I call this my miracle worker. Do you always want kissable lips, soft and healthy looking, supple and all so juicy that everyone just wana kiss? Try Dermal Therapy's Lip Balm (10g, $5.90).

It might sting a little when you apply. It's like the sensation you get when you apply those lips puckering lip glosses. It's normal and for cases with really dry lips, there might be signs of white skin, simply wipe off and your lips will definitely heal as you apply daily.

I know this is a very lengthy post, thank you for the support and do head down to Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy to get your bottle of remedy!

For more information, please visit .

Christina aka Huney


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