Benefit Cosmetics - Fake Up (The Great HYDRATING CONCEALER Coverup)

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With my super dark eye circles, concealers are my best friends! I've always been in search of a good one and seriously, ask me and I can tell you, I have tried all sorts, all brands, I've refined the technique and now I'm happy to share one concealer that I'm deeply in love with...

Introducing Fake Up from Benefit Cosmetics!

It's their NEW hydrating crease-control concealer instantly hides dark circles & diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth coverage. What makes it interestingly innovative is the HYDRATING RING that contains Vitamin E & Apple Seed Extract for immediate moisturization.

The concealer comes in 3 shades - 01 Light, 02 Medium and 03 Deep. I normally use the Light and Medium. First with Light to lighten the dark rings and then just a light layer of Medium, so that I don't get a white patch under the eyes when taking photos.

Even though the concealer may seem sticky and will "run" by the end of the day, trust me,  it doesn't!
The concealer can be used in a few ways and my favourite is to swipe the concealer from inner corner of the eyes and out along the eyes. Then I will go once more under that and then pat lightly with my ring finger to blend. After that, I will pat some powder on to set the concealer. 

Tricks for using Fake Up:
  • Instantly refresh your look by smoothing Fake Up over any concealer to diffuse fine lines & hydrate under-eye area.
  • Dot & blend to smooth awat pesky "situations" anywhere on your face.

The effect is amazing! Dark rings totally covered up, fine lines smoothen. Even after a whole day outside, my makeup does not smudge and my undereye stays clean!

See the coverage, compare between both eyes and you can see the difference!

Even after a day, my dark circles are concealed and the my undereye stays clean of smudges...

Fake Up is available at all Benefit counters retailing at SGD 38 each.

Christina aka Huney


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