Lusting For Chalkboard Nails By Ciaté

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Nails on chalkboard is such a painful process, but imagine having the chalkboard on your nails!

UK nail company Ciaté which is renowned in the beauty scene for a few years with the uber-popular caviar nail kit, is now launching a “Chalkboard Manicure” kit.

It’s a pretty clever concept that combines two nail trends: Matte nail polish and DIY nail art. The kit includes a matte black polish, four nail art pens that have a chalky finish, a matte top coat, and an inspirational look book.
Basically, you put on the black matte polish and let it dry completely. After the polish is dry, you can doodle to your heart’s content on the surface of your nails. But what makes this kit different from your standard nail art pen is that you can actually rinse off the designs with water if you’re not happy with them. Then once you get the designs exactly how you want them, you layer on the matte top coat and it stays put just like any other manicure.
Here's a how-to video to see the chalkboard mani in action.

I can't wait for it to be in stores in Sephora. Hopefully it won't be too ex?

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