[What's New] Silk on Skin: The SILKBATH Challenge

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Hi Huneybees,

I was invited for the SILKBATH event recently. It was held at Seventh Heaven, Grassroots Club, together with 100.3FM's radio DJs and listeners.

I was given a blogger tag, number 57.
The event was to commemorate SILKBATH's successful first year in the market and the event included insightful talks on skincare and skin health with Dr Calvin Chan - reowned aesthetics and laser doctor.

The highlight of the event was the skin analysis that began the moment we stepped in and was tested after a 5 hour duration, to reveal how SILKBATH can effectively maintain and improve our skin's elasticity.

However, I missed out on the skin analysis as the moment I stepped in, I was pulled in for the shooting of TVC.

The set was ready.
Calling in the cute "Lab Assistants".

And cameras were rolling!
After the TVC shooting, we were asked to take a break and we had a little entertainment.

The DJs engaging the audience for KTV.
I made new blogger friends - Miyo and Janice, we took a pic together with Xiao Zhu the DJ.

The 100.3FM listeners got to mingle around and have a round of pool.
Before we could begin eating lunch, we were called out for a little briefing. We were told to choose a line each and say it to the camera INDIVDUALLY! Can you imagine how shaky I was?

All the invited bloggers. Everyone so sweet and adorable, I felt so fat lors.
All pretty pretty ready for the camera.
Makeup artist amending my flyaway hair strands.
That's me on camera. Fat hor?
We stuck close together that day. :P
Not forgetting to take picture with product o!
Our little sharing session with Dr Calvin Chan. We learned so much about our skin!
Camwhore session. :P
Miyo was chosen to be the hand model, so I stayed behind to help her take pictures.
Then, it was the listeners turn to get up close and personal with the Dr himself.

After 5 hours, everyone had a skin analysis again and it was said the skin felt smoother.

The tester that was used for analysis.
A picture with the wonderful event crew.
Everyone was given a goodie bag before we left.
Not only was there SILKBATH products, there was also SILKPRO products too!
I did my own 5 hour test on the Extra Lighten foam. I did feel my skin was lighter and smoother.
Ok. So much pictures about the event, let me introduce SILKBATH to you guys.

SilkBath is a bath range of improved moisturising formulations, namely Ultra Nourish, Anti Bacterial and Extra Lighten. Each one has unique botanical extracts and long-lasting fragrance.
Formulated with Silk and enhanced with Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) components, SilkBath is proven to be a highly effective skin-hydrating agent. SilkBath improves skin elasticity and moisture levels, vital in maintaining healthy looking skin.

Something about our skin

Our skin is made up of collagen and elastin fibres that have great tensile strength or the ability to be stretched, and to return to its normal shape and form. These connecting tissues are responsible for the skin's firmness and elasticity. Aging and environmental factors cause the skin’s suppleness to deteriorate over time, leaving skin looking dull and saggy.

Fortunately, our skin has a first line of defense. Found on the outer layer of our skin is a moisture-rich compound clinically known as Natural Moisturising Factor or NMF. Also, thanks to SilkBath and their special formulation that enhances NMF, everyone out there can have beautiful, smooth and 'Diong-Diong' skin!

The products

The purple bottle is  Extra Lighten. It has the benefits of Silk Crystal®, Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin B3.

Enriched with skin lightening elements, you will love the rejuvenating effects of Grape See Extract as you shower, while Vitamin B3 reaffirms the attributes as you bathe. Combined with
Silk Crystal®, which gives your skin UV protection and maximum moisturising benefits, you will glow with delight as you cleanse your body.

The pink bottle is  Ultra Nourish. It has the benefits of Silk Crystal®, Rose Hip and Peach Extract.

Be  nourished by our active ingredients of Rose Hip, which is rich in anti-aging as well as anti-oxidant properties, and Peach Extract, which gives your precious skin the moisture it needs. Combined with Silk Crystal®, your skin gets UV protection and a moisturizing effect like no other, and you will invigorate your body as you hydrate your skin.
Lastly, it's the green bottle, Anti Bacterial. It has the benefits of Silk Crystal®, Sea Minerals and Farnesol.

Experience a hygienic and cool sensation with ingredients like Sea Minerals, which offer detoxifying and relaxing benefits and Farnesol, from various botanical sources, soothes and protects you. Combined with Silk Crystal®, your skin gets UV protection and a moisturizing effects, your body is thoroughly cleansed and purified at the same time.

Do visit www.silkbath.com.sg for more information!

P.S. I can't wait for the TVC to be premiered on TV! Hope I don't look too round on TV. *Cross fingers*



  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi there. is silk bath available in philippines?

  1. Hi! I'm not very sure. You can try contacting them via this form http://www.tohtonku.com.sg/contactForm.html to check with them.

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