Forever 21 Party

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Recently, there was a party held by Forever 21 and I was invited by HEAT Branding to attend the event. It was more of a mingling affair, chatting and drinks. But before I went to the party, I took the chance to check the new Forever 21 store out. It's right at Orchard MRT, where POPULAR used to be.

Photos were not aloowed to be taken inside the shop, so I could only take the outside. But the store was big and I must say it's on par with the one at 313@Somerset. I got some pretty clothes and made my way to the party.

The party's at Stereolounge.
Always love looking at the hotel's entrance.
Party shots.
DJ's music was uber cool that night.

Forever 21 posters were on screen everywhere.
Ok, enough with the introductions, let me show ya my makeup and accessories.

Wore my new big big contact lens.
I had a silver to purple eyeshadow look, super long eyelashes and used a teal eyeliner pencil on the lower lid.
Bun up my hair and I'm all set for the party!
The earrings are self made. 
Looks like I can set up shop already right?
A closer look at the parts.
I even did my nails for the party. Not only was there a F21 logo, I even had necklaces and earrings on  2nd and 4th nail. Big pink crowns for the thumbs!
See anything that you like and wana ask for more details? Feel free to drop comments, FB me, or tweet me. Would love to hear your views...

Christina aka Huney


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